2012-13 Game Logs: Timberwolves @ Heat

A wise a man once said low expectations are the easiest to meet. Well citizens, expectations are low tonight. 4th game in 5 nights. No Rubio. Kevin Love is having digestive problems. Oh, and the Wolves are playing the Heat tonight.

On the bright side, I don't think we have to worry about blowing a 15 point lead. With that said, I'd love the chance to blow a 15 point lead against the Heat.

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  1. And Pek might not play with a stiff back.

    Let's hope Andrei doesn't play 48 minutes tonight. Time for Steamer and DWill!

  2. I kinda wish the Wolves went all Coach Pop on the Heat and didn't play Love, AK, and Pek in addition to Rubio. Then again, I'm not sure they would have enough players to field a team then.

  3. when Luke Ridnour shoots that elbow floating jump shot, I wonder how many rotations the ball goes through before it goes in the basket?

  4. I wonder how many more wins the Wolves would have had last year if they signed Kirilenko instead of tossing out Beasley and Wes everynight

  5. I have to be honest, I did not expect the Wolves to be leading at the end of the first quarter.

    1. It doesn't surprise me so much. I think they wanted to get out and show some energy after last night's game, especially against a team like the Heat. It WILL surprise me if they can keep it up the whole game.

  6. I went through ESPN to get to game updates. The front page (of the mobile site at least) is ugh. Just, ugh.


      1. he was running down the court, then he started to hop on one leg. then went to the locker room not putting much weight on the leg.

        1. I'm hoping for a hamstring injury from that description, but something more serious wouldn't surprise me.

  8. The Wolves are pretty thin at guard tonight with just JJ/Luke/Shved. With that in mind, Wade is going to score a lot of points this evening.

    1. ...Or they could rotate AK onto him when Miami plays a half court offense like on the last possession. I guess you just have to choose if you want Lebron or Wade to beat you. I'd rather AK match up on James but I will trust Coach.

      1. Where would the Wolves beating the Heat rank among the greatest things that have happened on your day of birth?

          1. I just cracked the first bottle of scotch I've ever bought. I love Bourbon and I love Irish...figured it was time to put on my big boy pants.

              1. Dewar's. I was considering this and this but then learned from a very helpful clerk that blended is a nice way to start sampling Scotch. He suggested that single malt can sometimes be overpowering (and overpriced). I ended up going with entry-level: small bottles of this and this.
                That last one is the one I opened last night. Sweet and fairly smooth, a small amount of mineral & smoke and quite enjoyable - very approachable.
                I started with one neat and then (since it was blended) I had one with a half oz of Amaretto (apparently called a Godfather) which was nice as well.

  9. If you told me the Wolves would be down by 3 at the half I would have been pretty pleased.

  10. I heard the Wolves are 29th in the league in shots close to the rim, missing an average of 12 per game. They seem to be doing better this game.

  11. Kevin Love slipped, fell, and didn't pretend he got fouled. That is a pretty big step!

        1. Robson is an excellent read. So's Joan Neisen and Zach Harper. TWolves have some really, really good writers covering them right now.

  12. I love how the arena is all noisy and the 'fans' are chanting defense, yet if you look at the tv screen, all the fans in the lower bowl are sitting on their hands

  13. I see DWill is stuffing the boxscore tonight- no points, no rebounds, no assists in 9:30. Oh, and 1 foul. Sheesh.

  14. Screw it, I'm ready to see Lou and Greg out there attempting to block everything. Get Love, Pek and AK some more rest.

  15. And the 4th game in 5 nights against one of the best teams in the league is starting to show.

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