135 thoughts on “2012-13 Game Logs: Game 27 SCB and Wes Return Home”

  1. After having the Surly Smoke last night I get to drink this tonight. The holidays have been good to my palate.

    1. It has a very Ommegang taste, which is to say traditionally Belgian. It has a nice spice to it with no one ingredient dominating the beverage. A smooth maltness with little to no hop at all. It has a pretty dry finish that leaves me going back to the glass pretty often. With a 9.4 abv that might make for me dropping some "LOLs" at SCB tonight.

  2. ugh

    Alan Horton ‏@WolvesRadio
    Ricky Rubio not on the floor for warmups. He was sidelined at shootaround this morning b/c of back spasms, gametime decision.

  3. while you guys have your fancy beers, all I have is Canada Dry ginger ale. Seagrams is my usual choice, but the local grocery store ran out.

  4. My take: the Holiday Porter is again inferior to the Old Fezziwig, which is potable, but not outstanding. the Holiday Porter is just ok. Maybe it will grow on me as it warms some more, although I let it sit out for half an hour before I cracked it open.

        1. I've watched a couple of Suns games this year. Get ready for the Casino Arizona commercials. Worst. Acting. Ever.

  5. The Suns pxp crew is pretty into Derrick Williams. Maybe they can talk to the Phoenix front office a little...

        1. I think he's better at what he does than what most people seemed to think Punto was at what he did, but...sure!

  6. I like Ridnour and all, but he misses so many open players in the lane. Its like he cant see them, or doesnt trust himself to pass the ball.

              1. I know we have a little back and forth concerning JJ here but are you suggesting JJ is a better player than Luke?

                  1. JJ is having a nice little hot streak, admittedly, but he is pretty one dimensional. He is a fine change of pace guard but that is it. Even in what is probably his best season to this point Luke is above him in win shares this season both by rate and in total.

                    1. I figure if "change of pace" guard is all he is, that's pretty much all Luke is too, but only one of them is treated like he's a starter.

                    2. Luke offers a lot more than just taking the ball to the hole and getting lucky on 3s once in a while. He can run an offense from the point and, over the past season, not embarrassed himself playing the 2. I am not going to pretend he is an elite defender at the 2 but he has played well enough to start there. If you put JJ at the 2 the guard opposite him would go for 30+ most every night.

                    3. No one's advocating putting JJ at the 2, that's an irrelevant statement to make. And Luke can go ahead and show me his ability to run an offense from the point any time now.

                    4. And come on, "getting lucky on 3s"? Shooting is a skill. Your irrational hatred of JJ makes it impossible for you to be reasonable.

                    5. JJ's numbers over the past two weeks or so are not suggestive of his career numbers. He has been on a nice little hot streak but there is nothing in his career numbers to suggest this is sustainable.

                      As for who is a better player, I would suggest being able to do more than one thing would make you a better player.

                    6. I'm not suggest that the difference between the two players is AK to Wes level but Luke is a better player than JJ.

                    7. Well, I just don't agree that there's much of any difference between them as players. They're both backup point guards. And your repeated insinuating that I'm only basing this on the last couple weeks and not my observations over the past several seasons (including JJ with Dallas) is pretty condescending and annoying.

                    8. My intention is not to attack you and I apologize if that is how it is coming off. I felt the fact that is this is the best season JJ has had in his career to this point was a point worth making.

                    9. It's cool. Sorry if I'm too touchy (yeah right, there's no "if" there). Let's just go back to making exaggerated statements about how terrible/awesome he is.

  7. That was a fun game last night. Shannon Brown pulled two shots from out of no where, and Jared Dudley also had a ridiculous one - all at the end of the game. The Suns made some absurd shots to keep it close, yet they missed about 6 wide open threes in the fourth quarter.

    I've never seen a missed dunk go as high as Williams's alley-oop attempt.

    Also, I counted TWO passes (inbounds plays excepted) by SCB the entire game. Hilarious.

    1. SCB 'made' 1 shot, but it never went into the bucket because Steimsma goaltended.

      that one Brown make when he had a defender in the face and he made it off a high bank shot from a weird angle was one of the craziest shots Ive seen

    2. I was pretty disappointed to read in the game story that SCB was booed. I don't know that there is a fan base as dumb about booing players as fans of MN teams. I've felt this way since Marty Cordova.

      1. Im surprised to hear that. It didnt come through on tv

        How can one hate on Beasley? He is a easy going goofball

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