38 thoughts on “2012-13 Game Logs: PDX @ Minnesota”

  1. Oh hey everyone. This will be the log where it appears I am talking to myself all night.

  2. Shved looked great on that drive to the hoop. He was staring Pek down on the PnR and went the opposite way to Dante. Looking good so far.

  3. Lillard is a strong player on offense, for sure. It will be interesting to see who he matches up against on defense as he stinks by all available metrics.

    The Wolves should do their best to take Shved off of screens and try to have Lillard rotate to him followed by Shved taking driving to the hoop over all night.

    1. It pains me to say it but I would look at a back court of JJ and Shved. While Luke is, in my opinion, the better all around player, JJs first step should be able to exploit Lillard.

    2. Lillard isn't even manning up on Luke. He is giving him soooo much space. If Luke's shots are falling this cold be a long game. Even if it is not, Lillard is giving Luke so much room to pass. Wolves have assisted on all 7 hoops so far this game.

          1. That wasn't really meant as a defense of JJ, more a defense of...anyone playing with Stiemsma/Lou ever.

    1. remember when the Wolves tried to sign him?

      last time I heard, the Wolves are going to receive some sort of compensation for all that.

  4. welp

    Joan Niesen ‏@JoanNiesen
    Pek questionable to return to the game with a left hip strain. Is on the exercise bike right now.

  5. I've been watching but didn't wank to jinx it. Oh, well. Moral victories don't count for much anymore.

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