15 thoughts on “January 13th, 2013: Bad Luck”

  1. Sheenie and I went to Wrestlepalooza last night at First Avenue. It was one of the most hilarious, entertaining nights I have spent in a long, long time. The final match culminated with this happening.

  2. Spooky will save the world by accidentally writing 13/13/12 and pushing the eschaton back another century.
    But then on Undecimber 13 of 2014, he'll write 13/13/13 and end this plane of existence.

  3. MrsS made brisket last night, at the request of grampaS and grandmaS (the Girl was elsewhere for the evening). Mmmm, brisket. Also, I talked her into putting garlic into the pot. She complains every time that it doesn't belong, and every time it is more awesomer.

  4. That game was my first football-nap of the season. I really wanted the Falcon's kick to go bad there at the end so they could know how 1998/99 felt.

        1. I hope so. That timeout a second before the ball is snapped is one of my least favorite plays in all of sports.

  5. Michigan loses at Ohio State, so Louisville will probably be No. 1. No unbeatens in DI college basketball. I imagine Louisville will be No. 1 with Indiana No. 2, Duke No. 3 and Michigan will be No. 4 when the Wolverines play at Minnesota. It will be interesting to see how far the Gophers fall since they lost on the road to a higher ranked team (they really shouldn't fall at all, but it never seems to work that way).

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