WGOM Fitness: 11 February 2013, Vacation

I was on vacation last week.  I worked out 1 time.  It was just lifting, no aerobic stuff.  It actually felt really good.  I didn't eat the best, but I didn't eat the worst, so I'm ok with where I was on that too.

I don't have much time to work out today, but I can find 15 or 20 minutes, and I'm going to squeeze something in.  My goal is shot clean out of the water, but I'm strangely ok with that.  I think because I feel like I've actually made a change in my life, where my fitness matters more, and so I know I'm going to be getting back to it, without having to summon up the huge willpower that I did to start on this journey.

Also, I'm down about 5 pounds in the past month (and I found out from a trip to the doctor's office last week that I'm down about 10 pounds from a year ago), so I kn0w I'm on the right track.

Game on.

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  1. On similar lines, I had planned to run on Saturday morning before we headed up to the Dells for the day/night to hang out with friends of my wife. I ended up talking myself out of that because I had a ton of other things to get done that morning. (That beer wasn't going to keg itself. Thankfully. Self-aware beer is not something any of us want.) But, I'm still feeling great about myself today because despite the travel shennanigans of last night, I still managed to get up this morning and put in a couple miles on the treadmill and some weight lifting at the hotel before I went in to the office. I have every intention of getting a good run in this morning, and another good workout in tomorrow morning before not doing a morning work out on Thursday, though I have curling that night which, really, counts as doing a good bit of running.

  2. Went for a run with the Wife this weekend up Donaldson Run, decided to just got to the Potomac mid run which was really fun. One of those muddy slippery runs that makes you just want to go all Walden. Rain today put a repeat on hold. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. After some injury & illness-related setbacks, I got back to the gym last week. I did a yoga class with my wife on Sunday and I'm still feeling it.

    I've done yoga only a couple of times but I think I like it. And my wife likes that there is something that we can do together (she's really good: crazy handstands and such). The workout is no joke. I wore my heartrate monitor because I was curious and it turns out I was in my zone for most of the class.

  4. Today is Fat Tuesday. Tomorrow, sackcloth and ashes.

    I've had a less than stellar trip to ND, fitness wise. Not good at all. But, tomorrow, as they say, is another day. I will be heading back to home tomorrow night and I'll reboot the whole fitness thing. Good news: I've lost about 75 pounds. Bad news: I have lost interest for the past week. Better news: I will rededicate myself.

    I find that rebooting has to happen alot. I was in a tremendous zone for six months, where nothing could get in my way. Now, though, I'm not feeling it. Time to work on a plan to maintain and improve my overall health now that the energy to lose weight has all but left me. I could stand to lose some more, but I need strength development more than weight loss at this point. I'm not jazzed about that, either, to tell the truth.

    I think I've got some winter blahs.

  5. I'm headed to Myrtle Beach this weekend and was planning to run the half marathon. However, I missed online registration by 1 day. Ugh. Hopefully I'll be able to register at the expo. Otherwise, I might do the 5K the night before or try to find another race I can do that weekend.

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