WGOM Fitness: February 27, 2013, Been Too Long

It's been too long since there was a new WGOM Fitness post.  Not much to say here.  I took the weekend off again, and that ended up including Monday.  I'm now at 6 of 11 days for the current resolution "month", with today to go still.  None of my workouts have been half-hour or longer yet.  I've been really busy (werewolf might have contributed to that... see, playing that game will actually kill me sooner!), so getting 15 minutes here or there has been tough.  Still, I've gotten myself up to running about a mile and a half (or a little more) at a little more than a 9-minute pace, and I'm pretty happy with that.  Adding length to the runs is the next goal.

Today is going to be tough, since our daycare closed w/ the flu (oh great, now my kids will be sick starting... probably overnight tonight.  Yay.) and I have to take them for the afternoon.  I'll have work to do tonight.  I might be able to get in some lifting, but it won't be what I was hoping for.  Friday is also looking like a bad day.  But if I do at least something today and Friday, and get a good workout in tomorrow... yeah, that's a reasonable goal.  Little targets will help me get to my big ones, right?

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    1. Nice. Despite working out more last week than I had the week before that - and despite eating better - I seemed to have put a few pounds back on.

        1. My diet is usually pretty balanced - banana or granola bar or two for breakfast. Lunch of either left-overs (most days), sandwich, or some sort of easy office food (ramen, lean cuisine, oatmeal). Lunch often involves two smaller meals instead of one bigger meal (so say, leftovers and oatmeal, one at noon and one at 2 or 3). Dinner involves meat probably 2/3rds of the time, and we try to stay pretty lean (chicken is common, lean hamburger, turkey). Often pasta or grain in some form. Often some sort of cheese involved in what I'm making. Usually lots of vegetables - both as sides and in whatever dish I'm making. Evening snack is probably a big problem, but it's also usually left-overs or a sandwich - nothing so terrible. I use almost no butter or oil when cooking.

          I don't count calories too diligently, and that would certainly help. But when I avoid eating out and soda, I do eat pretty healthily.

  1. I've been gone for a couple of days, did not exercise at all, and ate way too much. I hope to get back on the horse tomorrow.

  2. I admit I skipped my run this morning, though its because I had to shovel. I've been pretty good about exercising recently, although this weekend is looking like it will be a weekend of excess. I plan to lift tomorrow, but have no plans to do any lifting or running until Monday, though Thursday through Sunday will contain many curling matches. That would be good exercise if it weren't for the eating and drinking I plan to do that is not in-line with good, healthy practices. Should be fun, though. (and the food promises to be unhealthy but delicious.)

    1. Though I don't know how accurate it is, I've heard that "moderate shoveling (~1-15 lbs/min)" burns about 500 calories per hour compared to about 900 calories per mile for running (5 mph - 12 min/miles).

  3. Home from my surgery. Doctor said I have the shoulder of a 65-year old. Which would be dine if I were as old as Corn thinks I am, but I'm only 49.

    No rotator cuff damage, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

    Morphine is wearing off. Nerve block should be good until the middle of the night, natch. Percocet is on standby. No alcohol today, WTF? Of course, I am missing a big beer festival this Saturday in sactown. Conspiracy, I sez.

    1. Glad to hear you're as cantankerous ever doing reasonably well. Careful with that Percocet; sh!t gave me the spins something fierce after my PRK* surgery.

      *The USN doesn't trust the integrity of a "corneal flap" resulting from LASEK. I don't trust the integrity of either procedure as my eyesight is back to where it was less than 5 years removed from surgery.

      1. My wife and I had Lasik (with the laser-cut flap) about 8 years ago. My vision is about 20/30 now (started at 20/100), and my wife's is at 20/15 (she started at about 20/60). I've heard plenty of stories about Lasik not working or even making things worse, but I'm more than happy with our results. Sucks for you that yours didn't stick.

        1. My wife had the Lasik done in 2008 and is still better than 20/20 - very happy with her results. I, on the other hand, had mine done for free by the Navy while enlisted. Lesson: you get what you pay for.

          1. While I have no experience with this stuff you guys are talking about (20/15 naturally, and holding.), both my mom and dad have had this done and are still without glasses/contacts, so I think you make a good point.

      2. I had a bad experience with vicodan, so went with the percocet. But I have since been regaled with numerous stories about hallucinations, etc. from people I know who were on percocet. Let's just say I will not be driving or handling firearms.

  4. Man, tough spin class at my bike shop last nite. Tried to run 4 miles at the club tonite, only made 3. Kak.

  5. Well, my weightloss efforts might be getting a boost... daycare was closed today because of a nasty stomach virus. Aquinas just got sick. Once from each end (naturally, as soon as we had him cleaned off the first time, the second time happened). Doesn't look like anyone in its path is escaping. I'm choosing to look at the positive.

  6. Back from ND. Workout? What workouts? Sigh. But, on the positive side, if I'm not exercising, I am still committed to calorie reduction. Weighed in this morning at 205.1, just 5.1 pounds from my goal (actually 5.6, as I want to lose 85 pounds, which would put me at 199.5).

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