WGOM Fitness: 22 March 2013, Ouch

Ouch #1 - I worked out hard on Wednesday.  I felt it - a lot - yesterday.  I probably need another day of recover too, but I'm going to go for a couple mile jog today, and then take off the weekend.  I suspect today will be brutal, but having a multi-day rest ahead of me will feel good.

Ouch #2 - Despite the above - and eating well this week (with some calorie counting, but not enough dedication on that yet) - my weight has slowly climbed up a few pounds.  On Monday or Tuesday I hit 201.  Getting close.  Then, last night I was back up to 205.  A 4 pound fluctuation isn't so unusual, I suppose, but it can be a bit devastating if you're putting too much stock in those numbers.  And apparently I've been doing so.  Time to back off a little.  2 days of rest might help with this problem too.

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  1. Must be Ouch week. I ran (tried to) 5 miles on Wednesday, having done 9 on Sat prior, and Sunday a St. Pattie's 5K in Hartford.

    Got into it two miles, then the right leg lower calf muscle started seizing up - had to walk/run for the rest of the workout in pain.

    I called in the scrubs from House, and here is what they came up with:

    1) Delayed injury from pounding the hills on the 5K. But I felt nothing on Monday or Tuesday.

    2) Have been doing Vegan since got back from Argentina - possible lack of potassium and other vital molecules.

    3) I changed to new sport laces on my running shoes, shifting pressure points on my foot and maybe shifting my gait? I'm switching back to the old lace method.

    Planning to do 10 mi run tomorrow - we'll see how she goes.

    1. You forgot the lupus diagnosis.

      My run today went better than anticipated, so that was nice. I managed 2.25 miles on the treadmill, with a brief interruption around the 1m mark for a phone call. Better than a 9.5 minute pace, save the phone call. That's solid for me at that distance.

  2. I ran a 5K this morning--my first of the year. I didn't quite do as well as I thought I could, but I think I'm at least somewhat still recovering from last week's half marathon. The course was short, though, and I finished with my second best time ever of 24:40.

    I also convinced a friend of mine from work to come along. He's been trying to lose weight and I've helped encourage him to start running. He had a good race and beat his goal time by over 5 minutes!

    I'm also planning a 10 miler for this weekend, which I'll do tomorrow.

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