WGOM Fitness: 26 March 2013, Under 200

This morning I stepped onto the scale and I was under 200 pounds for the first time in 3+ years.  It hadn't eaten anything for a long while, I had just gone to the bathroom, and I was wearing minimal clothing.  But that little needle was 100% below the 200 lb. line, and that felt good.  I know I'm more than that right now.  And that I might not actually get back to that point for a few days, given regular fluctuations and such.  But still.

That.  Felt.  Good.

2 thoughts on “WGOM Fitness: 26 March 2013, Under 200”

  1. Those milestones are a lot of fun. Progressively less fun as you keep hitting the same one over and over again.

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