Game 5: Twins @ O’s

It was a long wait for baseball to return. I missed it more than one might think, considering my team of choice's biggest accomplishment over the last two years was that they avoided losing 100 games. I don't know exactly what my expectations for this year are, but so far they've been exceeding them. As long as they keep playing games that stay interesting beyond the fourth inning, it'll be an improvement over last season, anyway.

Vance Worley makes his second start this evening. He was one of maybe fifteen people crazy enough to be at the Opening Day game in short sleeves, and that endears him to me. Let's see if he can shut down Barry Bonds Chris Davis, and whether or not he can give the bullpen a little bit of a breather. His opponent is...Chris Tillman. Tillman took a huge leap forward in ERA last year while only improving his xFIP a half run or so. He would seem like a prime target for a bit of regression, let's see to that.

Leaderboards That Twins Appear On:

On-Base% - Plouffe, t-10th (.500)
At Bats - Mauer, t-10th (18)
Doubles - Doumit & Willingham, t-7th (2)
Triples - Dozier, t-3rd (1)
Base on Balls - Morneau, t-1st (4)
Base on Balls - Plouffe & Willingham, t-7th (3)
Strikeouts - Hicks, t-3rd (8)
Strikeouts - Willingham, t-7th (7)
Stolen Bases - Plouffe & Parmelee (???), t-7th (1)
Runs Created - Plouffe, t-10th (5)
Extra Base Hits - Willingham, t-7th (3)
Hit By Pitch - Plouffe, t-1st (1)
Double Plays Grounded Into - Parmelee, t-5th (1)
Stolen Base Success% - Plouffe & Parmelee, t-1st (100%)
At Bats Per SO - Morneau, t-10th (13)
Outs Made - Hicks, t-6th (16)
WPA Added - Escobar, 3rd (0.5)

ERA - Pelfrey, t-1st (0.00)
Wins - Pelfrey & Perkins, t-1st (1)
W/L % - Pelfrey & Perkins, t-1st (1.000)
Games Played - Fien & Duensing, t-1st (3)
Innings - Correia, t-5th (7)
Games Strated - Worley, Correia, Pelfrey, & Hendriks, t-1st (1)
Hits Allowed - Hendriks & Worley, t-4th (8)
Home Runs Per 9 - Everyone But Robertson, t-1st (0.00)
Losses - Fien & Worley, t-2nd (1)
Wild Pitches - Roenicke, Pressly, & Worley, t-5th (1)
Batters Faced - Correia, t-5th (28)
Batters Faced - Worley, t-9th (27)
Games Finished - Roenicke, Robertson, Pressly, & Perkins, t-9th (1)

I expect that feature to be a little less exhaustive the next time my turn for a game log rolls around.

Go Twins.

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  1. The good news is that sean and I don't have to carry the burden of this game by ourselves.

  2. I have the house to myself tonight since mc is at work until about 10. Got my post-work nap in, so I should be good to go here.

  3. Last year through 5 games, the Twins were 29-153 for a line of .190/.262/.288

    Though 4 and 2/9 games this year, they are 35-142 (0.246/0.341/0.380)

    Things seem to be off to a better start.

            1. I shouldnt say that.
              Ive seen Hersch do the pre/post game host for Wild games and not much sideline reporting.

  4. Buffalo, when Hicks gets sent down, you will have to give us reports when Rochester comes to town.

    1. I am just putting the finishing touches on my Drew Butera report right now.

  5. What up ladies and gents? For the first time this season, I get to come watch a game with you!!!

    Just to make up for lost time:

    I predict 3 8-run innings.
    I blame Casilla for everything.

  6. So I heard on the radio that Drew Butera is on the DL with a broken wrist. I imagine that means Mauer will now pull a hammy and Doumit will come down with the gout within the next week.

      1. Now that the main Gameday is written in HTML5/JavaScript, it's superior to Gameday Mini/Classic in every possible way. It does have a few bugs, but they will be fixed.

          1. no NASCAR draft track showing air flow and movement as runners go about the base paths

      1. Yeah, but he really slowed down, I was worried he might have pulled something. He also didn't get much of a jump on the ball.

  7. looks like the Baltimore grounds crew super soaked the infield. the dirt looks like mud.

      1. He would have been safe at second had he just tried a sweet roundhouse kick.

  8. Dinner time. The wife made chili tonight, and I bought beer this afternoon. Synchronicity.

    1. Sheenie made her version of meat's Southwestern tator tot hotdish. Yummy.

  9. By the way, I saw all of about three seconds of the Louisville-Wichita State game, but that was an atrocious jump ball call that handed Louisville the victory.

    1. I'm going to try to have a good feeling about this and we see if it helps any.

  10. Are DicknBert going to rip on Vance for not keeping the lead as often as they have on Hendriks?

      1. Well he missed Doumit being tagged out back in the third, so we're even.

    1. From the center field camera, it did not look like a swing. I suspect because Jones had to lean back to avoid the pitch, it made it look less like a swing.

  11. Mags, are you shooting off fireworks at your house? Cut it out. I have a baby trying to sleep here!

      1. I guess they could have been gun shots. Seemed like there were a lot in pretty quick succession though. Yeah, I think they were fireworks.

    1. It's a good thing you struck that out before I got a hold of it. Being a power of 2, 32 is about as un-odd as you can get!

      1. I would really like Hicks to succeed as a lead-off hitter, because our other options are really ungood. I'm going to put it down to SSS for now and keep hoping, though I'm told hope is not a strategy.

        1. He's fouled a number of pitches straight back. I think once he gets a few hits, he'll start to relax and start taking his walks. I haven't seen anything that makes me think he is overmatched, yet.

  12. flipped to the Wolves game. Rubio stole the ball and missed a wide open lay up. 0-7 shooting on the night.

    1. Re - Bolt Wiki: The expectation from the home crowd had made him so nervous that he had put his shoes on the wrong feet.

      1. I ran a 10K back in February and saw some guy who was so excited for the race that he forgot to put shoes on entirely!

  13. Puckett batted .300/.300/.367 against Mark Eichhorn. Not exactly great, but I wouldn't classify that as "could not hit".

  14. you would think it would be easy to steal a base on O'Day because of his funky delivery.

    1. Both times came on high fastballs. They couldn't have been easier throws other than if they were pitchouts.

  15. Dick lamenting about not being able to bring in the closer in a tie game on the road. Yes, it is too bad the rules forbid that.

      1. A great swing, the ball is out over the fairway, heading for the green, back, back, back, back... it's in the trap!

    1. The O's announcers are now talking about what happens when Johnson gets tall.

  16. I was in Baltimore not too long ago and don't remember the Braves/Seminoles chanting aspect from the fans - whassup.

    1. We were there in '07, and they played "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" after "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and everyone got up and sang along. I was like "WTF? You guys couldn't be further from country."

  17. Why does Dick presume that a closer is only going to pitch well in a save situation? So much stupid, so little time...

    1. After the Magoo Twitter incident, I think listening to Dick will be on par with listening to Hawk.

    1. Bronze Sombrero? "Only" three strikeouts. The last SO looked bad, though Johnson stood tall and was filthy.

  18. Here's an updated map of every Twin's birthday with the new players this season (only Hicks and Ramirez were born in cities in which no previous Twin had been born).

    1. I was shocked, SHOCKED, that this wasn't a link to Bert wearing a birthday cake hat, a bertroll if you will.

    1. Apparently the closer pitching in a save situation is the only way for a a twins pitcher to get Markakis out. Dick was right!

  19. I did a quick scan of b-r (man I gotta buy a subscription one of these days) and I counted 6 other times Joe Mauer had a 3 or more strikeouts in a game (five 3 k games and one 4 k game)

  20. First place! Winning record! We're guaranteed to leave Baltimore with a non-losing record!

  21. We're lucky Baltimore was dumb enough to use its closer in a non-save situation. Eventually, young Showalter will learn that's just not the way it's done. In the mean time, though, we're still on track for 160-2!

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