Game 18 Recap: From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

April 26, 2013

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Well, here I am in Sunny Florida ready to start my rehab assignment and get back on track to rejoining the team in the Majors!

It’s so nice to be down here where it’s warm and nice out instead of in gloomy snowy Minnesota. I think the long Winter really started to get to me in weird ways and I did some things that I kind of regret. It was a really dark time, maybe even darker than the last dark time, but it's good to be feeling happy again. When Mr. Ryan called to tell me that I was ready to start playing baseball again I was so excited, but it was tough to break the news to Cassandra that I was returning to baseball. She got real angry and called me a sellout and a drone and that she always knew I was a yuppie loser. She also said some other stuff that I don't want to talk about.

Looking back I don’t think Cassandra was right for me and she may have been a bad influence. She made me get this t*ttoo and drink gross things like absinth(?) and hang out in a graveyard. And she wanted to do bedroom stuff that I don’t think I’m Ready for yet. I called Brian when I landed in Fort Myers to let him know I arrived safe and he said Cassandra was there. I asked him why she was there when we were Broken Up and I was in Florida and he said “I don’t think she’s here to see you, pal,” and then he laughed and said he’d tell me about it later. So idk what’s going on with that, but my focus is 100% on baseball now.

Some of the guys down here are a little rough because they are younger. Today while I was showering in the locker room I kept my shirt on and some of the guys laughed at me and so I took it off and they all saw the t*ttoo that was a big mistake and my face got really red and they laughed even more. But I am Mature enough to not let it bother me, and showering with a shirt on is dumb anyway so I guess I’m not angry. I just need to get this t*ttoo removed because it was a big mistake and a distraction and I want to stay focused. I think these young guys down here have some real Maturity issues but I have “been around the block” as they say so I think I can offer these guys some guidance while I am here.

But pretty soon I will be back in Minnesota on the Big League team and will help Contribute and get us to the playoffs! We are back at .500 now and I can tell the team really misses me so I will really battle my tail off to get ready as quickly as possible, I know the guys and Coach Gardenhire are depending on me.

See you in the Majors,


Rangers 2, Twins 1

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  1. I'm not sure I can handle this awesomeness on top of your triple-gold story today, but I'll try to control my jealousy.

    1. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't realize New Guy and triple-gold guy were the same person. Don't even get me started on Hungry Joe.

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