2013 Game 32: Baltimore Orioles at Minnesota Twin


I did not expect the Twins to have more wins than losses at this point in the season. Or any point after game four. They are still in fourth place though, so maybe that's why. The Twins are above .500 and the AL Central has four teams at least .500, most of any division.

Since ending his season starting strikeout streak on April 15, Hicks's batting line is .200/.328/.345. His season stats are a lost cause, but the stats since are comparable to Hunter's first full season at the same age in 1999: .255/.309/.380. Hicks has 14 walks so far while Hunter had 26 in all of 1999. Hicks will probably end up with more strikeouts than Hunter; he's racked up 34 in 31 games compared to Hunter's 76 in 135 games.

I'm feeling better about the season and it looks like Hicks major league experience might not be ruined.

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    1. Florimon came out early yesterday with a sore hamstring, but he is available off the bench. Dozier has been striking out a ton lately.

      1. Oh yeah, I do remember hearing that about Florimon last night. Dozier getting a couple days off doesn't bother me, either.

    1. waz going to make veg. curry, but the wife just declared disinterest in dinner. It will be beer (Lost Coast Great White), cheese and crackers, then watermelon.

    2. Leftover chicken breast and leftover rice. Only beer in the house is Grain Belt Premium, which I'll have soon as Mrs. Twayn is making popcorn momentarily.

    3. Rhu...remind me about the sketchy site - got rid of cable in anticipation of a move and can't find my portable AM/FM.

    1. On the black according to Gameday. I think with the ump set up on that side of the plate didn't help.

  1. RandBall ‏@RandBall
    I love when Mauer passive-aggressively smoothes dirt with his foot when he doesn't like a call, then rips a two-run single. So Joe. #twins

  2. Orioles feed puts up a quote that not only shows their misunderstanding of baseball slang, but also misspells "seems" as "seams." I don't think I've ever once seen that particular mistake.

    1. Strangely enough, just yesterday I received an email from a co-worker with that exact same mistake.

  3. Ooh, I just got the splits for Mauer's third at-bats of the game over the course of this season! He's slightly worse than usual, you guys. Watch out.

  4. the Twins are bringing in some of the cast of The Sandlot because they are showing the movie on the big screen after the game. Denis Leary not available

      1. I kind of like it, if only because it's not some stupid diminutive like 'Arcy' or whatever.

    1. Its amazing what a complete lack of being able to strike anyone out can do for a pitch count.

  5. Ramon Ortiz started for the Blue Jays today. Didn't do quite as well as he did for the I-Cubs, but did only give up one run despite walking five.

    1. A good friend of mine is a Red Sox fan. He was texting me his frustration at the Red Sox failing to do anything against the husk of Ramon Ortiz.

    2. Ramon Ortiz was on the Bisons roster on MOnday when I was at the game (I made a note of it on my scoresheet), but I don't know if he got in the game or not. I got a killer headache in the 4th. I stayed long enough for it to be an official game and came home and wallowed on the couch.

  6. Orioles graphic says "Orioles are 3-9 when scoring three runs or less," and the announcer corrects it to "fewer." Aw, snap.

    Ugh, Roenicke...

  7. Know what I just told my wife? With first base open, you don't give Davis anything close to the plate here.

    1. bunt down the 3B line, 3B dude misses it, SS (backing up the play) eventually picks the ball up

  8. Sorry to duck out there, fellas, but I was skyping with a friend from Prague who now teaches in South Korea. I really miss those guys sometimes. It's good for the soul to see them again, even if it is through a computer screen.

    1. That raises an interesting philosophical question: Could Matt LeCroy the runner steal a base on Matt LeCroy the catcher?

          1. that is fantastic

            Unless he does something stupid, like steal a base, he could pass Al Ferrara (1,573 plate appearances with no steals), Phil Niekro (1,707) and Ted Lyons (1,726) for third-place by the end of this season, then take aim at Aaron Robinson (2,189) and career leader Russ Nixon (2,714) in a couple of years.

            LeCroy's reaction to this news: "Wow. Would that get me into the Hall?"

  9. It is like the O's don't know that Laddie is the most clutch hitter in the history of baseball.

  10. After this one Gardy better have a good excuse as to why he left Roenicke in there so long.

    1. I imagine its because Perkins (stiff side or something) and Pressley (pitched a lot the other day) are not available

      1. He needs an excuse to pitch a guy with a 1.69 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP? He also hadn't blown a lead all season and had pitched the final two innings in a win the other day. Who else was going to pitch? With Perkins unavailable, Burton was needed for the ninth and Fien for the eighth. Duensing pitched more than an inning yesterday, so he went with Roenicke, who had been very good before this.

        1. I'd rather have Burton pitching and save Roenicke for the ninth when the bases are empty and the wheels are no longer coming off the bus, but it doesn't work that way in Gardy's 'pen

          1. In fairness, it doesn't work that way in any manager's pen. We can think it should all we want, but managers are going to save their closer for the ninth and their set-up guy for the eighth. Gardy's really no worse than most managers in that regard.

                1. And they may. My point isn't that it's right or wrong. My point is that it's not really fair to single out Gardy for criticism when he's doing what pretty much every other manager does. It would be a lot of fun to have a really innovative manager who would think outside the box, but there aren't many of them around, and the Twins aren't likely to get one.

                  1. oh, I agree with you, Padre. On all of your points. Well, except for the "right or wrong" one. I think there's pretty good evidence that the currently accepted industry standard is inefficient.

        2. Roenicke, who had been very good before this.
          If you conveniently forget his career 4.02 ERA or 4.39 FIP. Or his 5.54 FIP this season, before last night's third of an inning.

  11. looking at the box scores....holy hell Raul Ibanez (SEA) is still playing! And he has 3 HRs this season!

  12. Well, you know what they say. Sometimes you beat the bear, and sometimes the bear hits eleventy billion doubles and comes back to beat you in extra innings. We'll just have to settle for 146-16!

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