40 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: 5/10/2013”

  1. Fine, I'll start...

    1. “The Light” Common Like Water for Chocolate
    2. “Blume” Einstürzende Neubauten Tabula Rasa*
    3. “Then The Letting Go” Bonnie 'Prince' Billy The Letting Go
    4. “No More Workhorse Blues” Bonnie 'Prince' Billy No More Workhorse Blues
    5. “The Wacky World Of Rapid Transit” Del Tha Funkee Homosapien I Wish My Brother George Was Here

    6. “Psilocibin” Coil Time Machines*
    7. “Extract Of Pineal Gland”* Fila Brazillia Maim That Tune
    8. “Weather Storm” Massive Attack feat. Craig Armstrong Protection
    9. “To Our Knees” Low The Invisible Way
    T. “Who the Waves Are Roaring For (Hunted II)”* Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light
    E. “Kraanerg (XL)” Iannis Xenakis Kraanerg*

    2. I've got this album and the next, Ende Neu from Einstürzende Neubauten, and they're both pretty good. (The first is great, the second one has some great songs and some clunkers.) I really should check out more of this band's music.

    4. This is the Sings Greatest Palace Music version, one of the songs that I think was improved. It had a music video directed by Harmony Korine.
    6. Funny, I just chose this album as my falling-asleep music last night. Wait... What Year is this?
    7. This Fila Brazillia song made them a lot of money (compared to what they made otherwise), as they licensed it for a US commercial for some internet service thingy. Just like the second 30 seconds, a looping guitar figure. I did not even recognize until it was pointed out to me. This was about the same time that the Orb** re-recorded "Little Fluffy Clouds" with new voices and guitar for Volkswagen. Apparently they couldn't get LeVarr Burton, Rickie Lee Jones, Pat Metheny, or Steve Reich to sign off or didn't want to share the money.

    T. In which Justin Vernon (Bonny Bear) shows up and ruins a few songs.
    E. I had believed that this was an stochastically-composed piece, but I've come to suspect that he actually just transcribed trumpeter swans for the horn parts.

    **the Kentucky Derby Champ Orb

  2. 'The Fly' - U2 Achtung Baby
    'Like the Biker' - Fountains of Wayne Fountains of Wayne
    'Big Ten Inch Record' - Aerosmith Toys in the Attic
    'Possibilities' - Weezer Maladroit
    'Y Control' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever To Tell

    'Everything Zen' - Bush Sixteen Stone
    'Jesus, Etc' - Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    'Bang and Blame' - REM Monster
    'Its Time' - Imagine Dragons Night Visions
    'Still the Same' - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Stranger in Town

  3. Looks like God was a little busy in my set.
    1. Atmosphere - "Panic Attack (The P.A.)" - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
    2. The Cars - "Moving in Stereo" - The Cars
    3. Billie Holiday - "God Bless the Child" - Ken Burns Jazz
    4. Gomez - "Hamoa Beach" - How We Operate
    5. Louis XIV - "God Killed the Queen" - The Best Little Secrets Are Kept
    6. The Beatles - "Yesterday" - Help!
    7. Mumford & Sons - "Timshel" - Sigh No More
    8. Neko Case - "Hold On, Hold On" - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
    9. Barenaked Ladies - "Spider in My Room" - Born on a Pirate Ship
    T. Oasis - "She's Electric" - (What's the Story) Morning Glory
    B. Cake - "Cool Blue Reason" - Prolonging the Magic

  4. Muzzle of Bees - Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
    Little Ghost - The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
    Vegetable - Radio Head - Pablo Honey
    Table Top Joe - Tom Waits - Alice
    (-) Ions - Tool - Ænima

    I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman - White Stripes - White Blood Cells
    Gold Hick - GBV - Alien Lanes
    Waiting For The Sun - Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall
    Reprise - Erykah Badu - Live
    The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

    $$$$ - Desaparecidos - Read Music / Speak Spanish

  5. Pandora Mix today:

    1. Boogie Down Productions - "Elementary" - Criminal Minded
    2. Janelle Monae - "Lettin' Go" - Got Purp? Vol. 2
    3. Common - "Love Is..." - Be
    4. Michael Franti & Spearhead - "Sweet Little Lies" - Yell Fire!
    5. Green Day - "Walking Contradiction" - Insomniac
    6. Donna Lewis - "Falling" - Blue Planet
    7. Bobby Brown - "My Prerogative" - All The Number Ones
    8. The Rural Alberta Advantage - "The Air" - Friends in Bellwoods
    9. Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole - "Over the Rainbow" - Alone in IZ World
    10. Nirvana - "Lithium" - Nevermind

    1. BDP two weeks in a row!
      Most of my BDP is vinyl or Cassette. The only BDP CDs I own are Sex & Violence and the live album.
      I should fix that...

  6. .
    1. Ballad in Blue - Hoagy Carmichael - Hoagy Sings Carmichael
    2. Shake and Pop - Nick Lowe - Jesus of Cool
    3. Gary's Got a Boner - Replacements - Let It Be
    4. Factions - Michael Nesmith - Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma
    5. It's Not Supposed to Be That Way - Willie Nelson - Revolutions of Time
    6. Sawura Wako - Stella Chiweshe - Africa: Never Stand Still
    7. Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel - Monterey International Pop Festival
    8. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) - Dayna Kurtz w/Norah Jones - ...Featuring
    9. Plastic Man - Kinks - Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)
    10. Sanctuary - Miles Davis - The Complete Bitches Brew
    B. Fish and Whistle - John Prine - Bruised Orange

  7. 1. "Can't Stand Me Now" - The Libertines - The Libertines
    2. "Breakable" - Ingrid Michaelson - Girls And Boys
    3. "Old Time Rock And Roll" - Bob Seger - Stranger In Town
    4. "Be Here Now" - Mason Jennings - Boneclouds
    5. "Here Comes The Sun" - The Beatles - Abbey Road
    6. "Red Right Ankle" - The Decemberists - Her Majesty
    7. "Lust For Life" - Girls - Album
    8. "Sunsets" - The Concretes - Boy, You Better Run Now
    9. "Woo Hoo" - The 5, 6, 7, 8's - Kill Bill, Vol. 1 Soundtrack
    10. "Loser" - Beck - Mellow Gold
    B: "My World Fell Down" - Sagittarius - Present Tense

    3. This is one of my kids' favorite songs.
    4. I don't really like most Mason Jennings. This one included, I think.
    6. This one doesn't work for me, but my wife likes it.
    B: This is a pretty cool song.

    1. It crossed my mind to list "Loser" for all ten of my songs (even before seeing your list), but I'm not actually bitter. It was a good season anyways.

        1. Too true! In that case I should go with "Thank You" Dido No Angel. (The lyrics may not all apply, but the artist is certainly appropriate enough.)

            1. Not really. I just remembered it again the for the first time the other day myself.

              Though we apparently disagree over its merit, I was certainly ready to move on (meaning out of the competition) after the first round anyway.

  8. So it's time for me to start putting together my summer playlist again...

    Any really good songs for listening to during the summer (they in no way need to mention the season, the weather, etc.) that you'd recommend? I've already got a pretty substantial list to pare down, but always looking for more at the same time.

    I'm specifically interested in Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals recommendations, since I like lots and lots of what I hear from them. "Put It On Me" is fantastic, but I don't want that song specifically... and I don't know enough of the other stuff to make a selection? I'm also probably interested in some sort of "classic rock". A few years ago I put on "American Girl" and that went over surprisingly well in the midst of the other stuff. Something equivalent to that song could be useful.

    Music also has to be fairly kid friendly, or at least kid-neutral.

    There are a few definite spots taken already, but not a ton. I don't remember most of 'em right now, but I'm definitely going with "Diane Young" by Vampire Weekend and ending the mix with "A New Life" by Jim James.

    1. I remembered a few of the other songs already locked in...

      "The Calculation" by Regina Spektor
      "The Great Leap Forward" by Billy Bragg
      "The Denial Twist" by The White Stripes

    2. i used to be into BH&tIC, but they've fallen out of favor with me in recent years. diamonds on the inside is the last album i listened to (EDIT: holy balls, that came out ten years ago!?). from what i remember, good summer songs would be "breaking down", "gold to me", "faded", "suzie blue", and "brown eyed blues" (one from each of the first 5 albums).

    3. I basically listen to guitar rock, and when the mood strikes me, some folky stuff all summer. With that in mind here are some songs that seem summery to me.

      "This May Hurt (A Little)" by Dressy Bessy
      "Weekend" by Smith Westerns
      "I'm a Pretender" by The Exploding Hearts
      "It Isn't Forever" by The Field Mice
      "Without a Song" by Vetiver
      "Long Haired Child" by Devendra Banhart
      "We'll Make a Lover of You" by Les Savy Fav
      "That Great Love Sound" by The Raveonettes
      "Built in Girls" by The Wrens
      "Future Myth" by Akron/Family

      Yeah I'll just stop now or I won't get any work done...

        1. I'm finally getting around to checking out this list. It turns out I recognized a good chunk of these. Thanks!

        1. I read the lyrics for the Elite Gymnastics song. They read brutal. They do not draw one's attention at all and you can't really make out anything except the title and the following line "Am I Guilty?"

    1. “soundtrack to mary” – soul coughingirresistible bliss
    2. “monopoly” – urge overkillexit the dragon
    3. “russia” – ramona fallsintuit
    4. “as i sat sadly by her side” – nick cave and the bad seedsno more shall we part
    5. “no intention” – dirty projectorsbitte orca
    6. “living on a thin line” – the kinksword of mouth
    7. “holland” – cold specksi predict a graceful explosion
    8. “i’ll be gone” – tom waitsfranks wild years
    9. “unsatisfied” – the replacementslet it be
    10. “siamese” – wye oakthe knot

  10. .

    * Low Flow - Senking - Pong
    * Hurting As One - The Offspring - Days Go By
    * Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb To Hell - The Offspring - Days Go By
    * Grown So Ugly - The Black Keys - Rubber Factory
    * A.D.D. - System of a Down - Steal This Album!
    * The Red - Chevelle - Wonder What's Next
    * Wish You Were Here - Incubus - Morning View
    * Well It's True That We Love One Another - The White Stripes - Elephant
    * Choros - Mitchell J. Maki - Concordia Sessions (H. Villa-Lobos)
    * Salt Flat - Vladislav Delay Quartet - (self-titled)

  11. Bubblegum doesn't get much sweeter than that Edison Lighthouse tune.
    (Sorry about the despicable Jimmy Savile at the start of the clip.)

    1. I would rank Memphis, Egypt by the Mekons in the top 10 of greatest rock and roll songs ever.

  12. 1. Pyramid Song -- Radiohead -- Amnesiac
    2. Dirty Old Town -- The Pogues -- Rum Sodomy & the Lash
    3. Love For Tender -- Elvis Costello -- Get Happy!!
    4. Haywire -- The Jayhawks -- Sound Of Lies
    5. Within You Without You -- The Beatles -- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    6. The Enemy -- Guided By Voices -- Isolation Drills
    7. Hearts On Fire -- Gram Parsons -- Grievous Angel
    8. New York Town -- Woody Guthrie -- The Asch Recordings Vol. 1
    9. Wordless Chorus -- My Morning Jacket -- Z
    10. She Watch Channel Zero?! -- Public Enemy -- It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

    B1. I Against I -- Bad Brains -- Rock for Life
    B2. Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound -- Johnny Cash -- Ain't No Grave

  13. 1. "Ghost Parking" T. Griffin Coraline The Sea Won't Take Long
    2. "Into the Spin" Dessa A Badly Broken Code
    3. "Chicken Pox" I'm from Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
    4. "Dansez-vous" Pink Martini Hang on Little Tomato
    5. "Very Loud" Shout Out Louds Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
    6. "Tiniest Seed" Angel Olsen Half Way Home
    7. "Vampires in Blue Dresses" Margot and the Nuclear So and So's The Dust of Retreat
    8. "Kick Drum Heart" The Avett Brothers I and Love and You
    9. "Who's My Pretty Baby?" Elizabeth Mitchell Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie
    10. "Superhero" Ani Difranco Dilate

  14. I switched from a Random Country Station, to Icona Pop - "I love it" Remixes. Listened to the Fratellis and Motion City Soundtrack in between.

    *Call for help* [Not really]

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