11 may 2013: last minute run-through

this is to remind everyone to make sure that all their mother's day plans are in order. or it serves just to remind you that tomorrow is mother's day if that's the stage of planning you're in.

39 thoughts on “11 may 2013: last minute run-through”

  1. You know, as i try to get back home, I'm struck by how effing stick of the rest of the world i already am. I had to go through another security check after getting off the plane in Hong Kong, and now there are a bunch of security agents making everyone go through yet another one before getting on the flight to LAX.

    I really can't wait to just be back in god damned America.

      1. Heh, that does sound a lot like what I'm saying, doesn't it? Mostly I'm just expressing frustration because I'm tired and the extreme chaos that is Bangkok made me homesick.

        1. You know what? I just realized the check is not China's fault, but due to the TSA restriction on liquids and gels in carry-on baggage. I still can't wait to be back in the country, though.

        2. and the extreme chaos that is Bangkok made me homesick

          you have small children? Yes, you have a trinket.

    1. When I was flying back to the US from South Africa, the plane stops in Dakar for refueling and a few passengers depart or board. Despite this refueling stop occurring at 2:30am (Johannesburg-time), they make every single passenger wake up for the entire hour and claim all of their carry-on luggage and put it on their lap.

      I get that they have safety concerns, but I had sleep concerns!

      1. That does sound un pleasant. The way other people treat overhead storage is annoying to begin. I can't even fathom how annoying it would be if everyone had to take it down and put it back.

        The only saving grace here is that I have to stay the night in LA anyway, so I'm at no risk of missing my flight to Chicago.

    2. Building up my KunstKammer required buying a swordfish beak in Uruguay. Came back inside NBBW suitcase with no problems.

      But when I tried to bring it to Minny, via carry-on, the TSA had a circus with it. There were twenty TSA'ers standing around gawking at it. One finally pronounced "it could be used as a a weapon". No can do.

      Back to Delta, who boxed it up nicely as checked luggage.

      Glad that TSA is keeping America safe from swordfish beaks.

  2. top ten states in which to retire? According to these guys, the list features such garden spots as upper and lower Dak, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Alabama.

    I can appreciate small town life almost as much as the next guy, but there is a lot more to retirement than low cost of living. Or so I hope.

    1. I'm trying really hard to not make a forbidden zone type of observation/joke here.

    1. Tried daiya for the first time. Not bad. It's not cheese, but, that's the point.

    1. Hey, that would be a good thing for traveling. Thanks, man, I've bookmarked that for future use.

  3. FA Cup on Fox with Gus Johnson and Ian Wright in the booth. Gus is still learning to call soccer games and Wright is still learning how to speak English coherently. I appreciate Fox not banishing the game to Fox Soccer, but this is not their best announcing duo.

    1. Fox's announcing decisions are baffling. Even Wynalda doing this game solo would be better than these two.

  4. It would seem Frankie is looking good for the Pirates so far today.

  5. My neighbor was at last night's ballgame here in StL; it wasn't until near the end of the 7th that they realized what they were watching was special.

  6. Perkins again not available today. We'll see if Burton is or not. Pedro is available out of the bullpen. If he pitches, Twins will need another starter on Monday, unless they move someone up in the rotation a day. Kyle Gibson is scheduled to pitch Monday for Rochester, so ...

  7. Well, the fifth-place Rays played a great game today, but still fell to the undefeated Red Sox. Trey played a great game, especially for being one of the youngest players. He started and gave up 3 runs in 2 2/3 innings and the third scored after he was taken out of the game in the third inning. He left with a 3-2 lead and then the Red Sox scored two runs with two outs to make it 4-3. He also got a hit in the first inning, but was left stranded. The Rays got four outs in the field on defense. Trey caught a popup when he was pitching and then threw out a runner when he was playing second base. He struck out leading off the fourth, but the next batter reached on an error, stole second and third and scored on a wild pitch with two outs to tie it. The Red Sox then got a walk-off home run in the bottom of the fourth to win it (games are actually six innings, but we were past the time limit to start another inning, so the game was called when the Red Sox took the lead). A Red Sox coach told me it was the best anyone has played them all year.

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