Game 33: O’s @ Twins

I didn't expect that the Twins would break even on that road trip. That was actually pretty fun to watch. Now the work begins. In order to be a properly mediocre team (as opposed to a wretched one), the home team is going to have to follow up that perfectly acceptable road trip with a slightly better home stand. That started poorly yesterday, but what do you expect when the only give Josh Roenicke a three run lead and one inning to keep it?

None-the-less, today, the faithful must press on, confident in the knowledge that the opposition has a rookie on the mound, whereas we have a winless ace going on our side. Plus, the Twins have noted folk heroes Joe Mauer and Oswaldo Arcia in the lineup (I assume they do, anyway, I'm writing this up before the lineups have actually been posted).

It's like we can't lose.


Twins on Leaderboards

rWAR (position players) - Mauer, 10th (1.6)
OBP - Mauer, 10th (.396)
Doubles - Mauer, t-2nd (13)*
Triples - Dozier, t-3rd (2)
Bases on Balls - Willingham, 2nd (24)
Hit By Pitch - Willingham, 1st (5)
Hit By Pitch - Plouffe, t-2nd (4)
Sacrifices - Dozier, t-7th (2)
Sac Flies - Morneau, t-1st (4)

Wins - Correia, t-10th (4)
BB/9 - Correia, 5th (1.350)
Saves - Perkins, 7th (8)
Hits Allowed - Worley, 3rd (55)
Losses - Worley, t-5th (4)
Earned Runs - Worley, t-7th (26)
Earned Runs - Pelfrey, t-10th (23)
Games Fished - Perkins, t-6th (13)

* Yeah, that Fenway series was fun, wasn't it?

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  1. Every time I hear Gardy rave about the aggressive approach of Arcia, I can't help but think he's putting down the patient approaches of Parmelee and Hicks. I think it is a lot easier to teach a player to swing aggressively when he gets his pitch to hit, especially when ahead in the count, than it is to teach a player to be more patient and/or learn the strike zone.

  2. Whoever is the non-Uecker broadcaster on WTMJ* kept referring to Yuniesky Betancourt as "Betancore", as though the "t" was silent.

    *If their nickname isn't "The Jawbone", they're doing it wrong.

    1. I missed it. My laptop doesn't have enough juice to run and Sushi Cat at the same time and my feed hiccuped at the wrong time.

      1. deep fly ball. dude on first tries to tag. was out about 2 steps, but the run scored before the out.

  3. maybe because I grew up in a house where fishing was not a big thing to do, but I dont understand the importance of 'the fishing opener' and kind of get sick of hearing about it.

    1. that said, I do have a Jacque Jones fishing lure the Twins gave away years ago.

  4. it seems like the the ball is not tattooed into the OF, Worley is getting a lot of weak grounders back to the pitching mound.

  5. I am loving this Escobar guy

    Phil Miller ‏@MillerStrib
    For those following Escobar walk-up music change: Yep, that was Olivia Newton-John singing just now. Sufficiently inspired, Escobar doubled.

  6. Who is more frustrated: Twins fans with Worley or Phillies fans with Revere?

    1. 2 out hitting

      Year BA OBP SLG
      2013 .249 .334 .399
      2012 .246 .323 .387
      2011 .232 .301 .341
      2010 .280 .356 .447
      2009 .251 .344 .405

      I assume the 2013 numbers are not counting tonight.

  7. So, umm, Dick kind of called this comeback. I mean, I am sure he always predicts the Twins will come back but this seemed a little more prescient.

  8. What a difference a day makes for the bullpen: 11 batters faced for 11 outs (1 hit allowed, but Duensing got two outs on the first batter he faced). Of course, the two guys that blew up yesterday didn't pitch today, so there's that. They'll probably be needed tomorrow, though.

  9. Kevin Slowey with his first bad start, giving up five runs in 4 2/3 innings to the Dodgers. He gave up 11 hits and an uncharacteristic 3 BBs and 0 Ks.

  10. Joe Mauer is on a 10 game hit streak (19-42 .452)
    of those 19 hits, 9 are doubles
    Mauer has had a 3 hit game three of the last four games
    Mauer has scored 11 runs during the hit streak including two 3 run games.


  11. Like Vanimals do, Worley toyed with his prey, giving it the illusion that it might win before he and the rest of the Twins (including that doubles-hitting bear, Joe Mauer) eventually devoured it. We're still on track for 146-16!

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