56 thoughts on “2013 Game 45: Twins at Tigers”

  1. Someone at work said that they could get snow in the Berkshires tonite. Man.

  2. I'd say that isn't where you throw a pitch to Cabrera, but as the .gif from the CoC showed, I think the best way to pitch to him is maybe just throw at his feet.

  3. NBB weird stir fry 2-nite:

    Vidalia onions chopped and fried in olive oil
    Tofu cubes rolled in flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper
    Chopped kale
    Chopped pineapple
    Some soy sauce at the very end

    Surprisingly good.

  4. Yeah, Gladden - you had a moustache in 7th grade - maybe on the top of your head.

  5. the Reds-Cubs are on WGN and maybe because the Reds are not on national TV a lot and I pay lesser attention to the National League, but my gosh Joey Votto=beast. .358/.484/.545/1.030 slash line. 41 BB, 39 Ks. He IS Mauer with power!

    1. That's funny, as Votto was the subject of the latest dumb "scouts vs. stats" column I read today. Although notice the only "old-school" guy who is actually named is an announcer, cause I don't think you'll find a real scout willing to neg on Votto's production on the record.

  6. FastStat SQL2000:

    What's more important to the WGOMery:
    1) Not getting no-hit
    2) Not losing to Detroilet
    3) Not getting no-hit by Det

  7. right now, the Twins OF is Arcia LF, Parmelee CF, Doumit RF

    rock bottom baby

  8. Willingham better at least walk to get a high(er) average hitter up in Morneau.

  9. I've seen the Twins win many games where the opponent has scored six runs; none where we've scored zero. I'm putting the onus on the offense this time.

    1. Offense hasn't been good, but gotta give a lot of credit to Sanchez. When you get 12 Ks, you're dealing.

  10. We finally figured out how to keep the other team from scoring in the first inning. Today, we just extend that to the other eight innings, plus the offense uses a few of the runs they saved up from last night. We'll just have to settle for 135-27!

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