60 thoughts on “Game 50: Brew Crew at MinniePaul”

  1. Aaron Hicks has the second most HRs on the Twins. Also, his SLG is above .300 for the first time this year.

  2. jeeze, Mauer pulls that ball with authority only to have the one player in MLB play him super deep

  3. Five of the first seven Twins batters reached base. The only two who didn't were the two best hitters in the lineup. Baseball is awesome.

  4. I'm listening on the radio, but unless Gomez would've been out easily, I can't fault Escobar for taking the sure out there.

    1. I think he likely would have been out. He was maybe halfway home when Escobar fielded it, but it seemed like it took a second for Escobar to field it cleanly.

  5. Dick Bremer going to start a border battle because he says the bratwusrt at Target Field is far superior to Miller Park

    1. I didn't want to press my luck by saying it two nights in a row, so i ended up spookying that one.

      1. I pulled up gameday and saw that Hicks had just hit an HR. So my immediate thought was "What did the catch look like?"

      1. mlb.com replay makes it look like it was right above the junk, in the bellybutton/beltbuckle area.
        Disappointed it wasn't the Twins' Bullpen catcher, because what could be betterr thann scrreenntime for Nnate Dammannnn on Chrris Herrmann RRBI Nnight?

      1. A starter has recorded a minimum of 21 outs eight times this season. Correia has six of those games.

    1. Fact Check! Fien has only pitched on consecutive days five times this season. (Before tonight, that is.)

      1. Fact Check! Before tonight, 18 other pitchers in the majors have more appearances. Another 12 have the same number of appearances, including his teammate Jared Burton.

  6. My exact words to the Milkmaid before that payoff pitch:

    "It's so nice to not have an idiot like Cuddyer in this situation to swing at a horrible low and outside ball because he can't bear to take a walk."

      1. Kirby racing...he won't get there! And rounding third is Cal Ripken, and the Twins streak is over!

      1. No need to admit it. He was my favorite Twin to watch when he was with the team, even with his horrible OBP and plate discipline. Seeing him cross the plate to win Game 163 was one of my best Twins moments, and by far the best I got to see in person.

  7. How does all alone in fourth place feel, fellas?
    Also, Twins tied with Angels, #SuckItScioscia

  8. In all seriousness, last night's game was fun. Get a lead early, get some good pitching, make some good plays on defense. All the Twins need to do now is repeat that 112 more times. If they do, we'll have no trouble staying on track for 134-28!

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