24 thoughts on “14 June, 2013: Pissed Off”

  1. So, basketball. When they are hitting on all cylinders, Miami is clearly the best team in the world. Wade was devastating last night and LeBron came out of his Finals shell. If they bring that energy again in the next two games, they should win the title. Will they, though? The Spurs can win if the Heat are less than their best, but if LeBron and Wade play like that, it's all over.

    1. but what if both teams are at their best?

      that's a much more difficult question, because there are match-up issues on both sides. I think I agree that if all three of Miami's top-3 are playing well, the World is in trouble. Lebron was really aggressive last night, and Wade was the Wade of old, instead of old Wade. Even Bosh showed up.

      Pop is gonna have to find a response to Mike Miller other than putting Splitter on Wade. He made a change about a minute into the game to go smaller, but....

        1. I remain persuadable. But when Green and Ginobili are hitting their shots and Parker is healthy, the Spurs are damned good. Maybe Miami wins 4 out of every 7, on average, when they both are at their best.

          Ginobili has had a bad series. That has put added pressure on Green and Neal, who have mostly responded so far.

          Miami very well could have lost to Indy in the conference finals. Perhaps should have lost to Indy. And the Spurs are better than Indy.

  2. That really is it in a nutshell.

    Although I wouldn't be surprised if either team won 4-2 or 4-3, I think it's vital that Spurs take the next one. If Miami goes up 3-2 and heads back home, I don't think Lebron lets them lose both of those last two.

  3. There's actually a simpler reason than that, Rhubarb...the Milkmaid and I went to an IPA class at Total Wine last night - it was a two-hour class with a lot of tasting throughout. Let's just say we were glad we live two blocks from Total Wine. It was an appalling amount of beer...I think there were around twenty of them, and he poured a generous serving of each into a wine glass.

    I fell in love with this stuff only to find that it's $17 for a tallboy.

  4. So, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul want to play together. If the Lakers cut Kobe via the Amnesty Clause, they could sign them.

    1. I think this would constitute tampering if you were talking about any other team. Oh, heck. Let's fine the other teams anyway!

  5. This does not sound like a guy who will be in the studio again next year.

    1. He's just mad that they won't give green room access to Bug and Snot and Uncle Toad, or whomever those guys are.

      1. Compensating! like driving the speed limit after you've been drinking. Obviously, you have something to hide.

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