90 thoughts on “Game 68: Twin Pale Hose”

    1. By the way, I've not once this season felt the Spooky Feeling. I hope it's just a general malaise over the fact that the Twins were never expected to be competitive for the third year in a row. If this feeling is gone forever, I'm going to be sad.

      Maybe it'll come back now that I brought it up.

    2. I think he's an improvement over the last half-dozen or so second basemen to man the position, but that's not saying much.

        1. I may have slightly exaggerated.
          Castillo, Punto, and O-Hud were all decent- better than Dozier at this point, I think. Dozier gets points for being cheaper, younger and not sliding headfirst into first base.

          1. I really can't remember who else there was between OHud and Castillo and today?
            Casilla? ...?

  1. Super Mario Bros. "extra guy" sound plays at the Bullseye after the run scores. They haven't done that for a while, have they? Or am I just missing most of the runs?

        1. I remember the Super Mario sound effect for getting a coin after free throws- is it the same one?

  2. Twins' fourth rounder, Stephen Gonsalves, is in the booth. He's more proof that both athletes and 18-year-olds are not known for their skills as orators. "I mean...I mean...I mean..."

    Good enough kid, though.

    1. Now Bert is picking up on "I mean." Uh-oh.

      Who was of great help to you in high school? "I wasn't really coached at a young age, but Trevor Hoffman and Jamie Moyer both helped me out because they had kids in my school." That's some fortunate placement.

      1. In Moyer's case, I'd have guessed his son was the head baseball coach as opposed to student.

          1. Aw man, if I'd have gone with grandson it could have made it sound witty instead of lame. Wasted opportunity.

    2. I gotta be honest. I have the tv on mute once they announced they are doing player interviews.

      1. For guys who just got drafted? You're not even curious? I know you dislike player interviews to a weird degree, but less time to talk for Bremer and Blyleven is the best-case scenario on these broadcasts.

        1. What if it was Dicknbert interviewing Hawk? That would be about the worst thing I could imagine.

          1. Did you find this one, wattsy?

            Iconic artist covering iconic tune. At Glastonbury.

        2. Not a fan of player interviews either, but these aren't player interviews. I would classify them as baseball interviews, which can be interesting.

    1. I'm in favor of Mauer and everyone else moving up a spot in the order, but I'd settle for Dozier leading off, I guess.

  3. Target Field music guy was playing the Baby Elephant Walk after Arcia was plunked

    Where is Dancing Homer?

  4. Dick citing Dozier's high OBP against lefties as a reason to bat him leadoff against Sale. What about his bunting ability mister?

  5. looking at the box scores, Chris Davis hit TWO more home runs today, up to 26 this year. wow.

          1. 1. Name is "Canada Warbler"
            2. Not so different from very rare "Kirtland's Warbler", which is only regularly found breeding in a certain few counties in Michigan.

  6. I leave for a few minutes and the Twins put a few on the board. I can live with that.

    Also, I think the Bruins and Blachawks are trying to score all of the goals tonight.

      1. I did, and I wasn't sure what to make of it, though if you're gonna add your own crap to the national anthem, after its over is the place I prefer.

        1. The song is crap anyway. I'd like to see singers destroy it so completely that we're finally forced to substitute a better song in its place.

          1. I'd be ok with no song at all. The ball game is enough for me to feel good about the USA. (Well, ok, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" can stay.)

            1. The ball game is enough for me to feel good about the USA.

              Ooh. I'm going to steal this sentiment. No song about America is as American as the game that comes after.

        1. Dunce gets the "SOC": Save opportunity created. Had he not, it would have been a "SOP": Save opportunity prevented, AKA, an "EGO": Effective Groundskeeping Outing

  7. Guys, Chick has taken the strikeout lead from Perk: 48-40. So it actually must have happened last time Chick pitched.

  8. Good starting pitching and a three-run homer. Somewhere, Earl Weaver is smiling. We're still on track for 126-36!

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