WGOM Radio – Mags interviews Spoons (and vice versa, reposted)

That's Magoo interviewing me. Coincidentally, we talk a lot about things I talked about in the CoC today. Acting, writing, moving around.

That's me interviewing Magoo. A lot of you heard it already, but if you haven't, now you can. We definitively answer the question of what creates a roaming heart that must travel. Or maybe we just half-bakedly BS about it.

8 thoughts on “WGOM Radio – Mags interviews Spoons (and vice versa, reposted)”

  1. I'll give it a minute, but as of right now those aren't showing up in the RSS feed. Maybe sean knows, but you may have to upload them to the site itself instead of using an external host.

    And on top of that, I'm pretty sure they need to be seperate posts. I don't think that RSS readers will recognize two audio uploads in one post, but I may be wrong on that. I don't know.

    1. If you're talking about the podcast feed, it's probably due to using an external service. PowerPress doesn't know anything about these, so it doesn't get added to the feed.

          1. Looking through the feed, this post doesn't have any <enclosure> tags like the others do, so there's no audio file associated with the post. For instance, episode 3 - Euro 2012 preview has <enclosure url="http://www.wgom.org/radio/Episode_3.mp3" length="7776592" type="audio/mpeg"/>

            1. That is probably due to using an external service. All PowerPress sees is a link to the tindeck page with the audio, so it can't do anything about it.

              1. As I suspected. So spooky, when you get a chance could you upload these episodes to PowerPress directly. There's a WGOM radio folder on the FTP site you can upload the files to, then reference that URL in the "Podcast Episode" box at the bottom of the new posts page.

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