Game 87: The Stinky Smell of Indifference

Gibson (1-1, 7.94 ERA) vs. Archer (2-3, 4.17 ERA)

I think I completely missed Gibson's crappy start that makes his ERA look really bad. Since I have no recollection of it, it must not have happened and the stats are all just typos.

Anyway, this AL East trip has shoved me all the way down into indifference for the year. That, and I've had to increase my time away from the internet at home to take care of stuff around the house and help with the Trinket now that we're nearing the end of this pregnancy. I hope the next manager of the team (I assume it'll be Mientkiewicz since his team is winning) is able to beat these guys next year. Also, the Twins are double digit games out of first base. I think its time to trade away all the vets (Joe excepted) and just bring up everyone from the minors and see what we got.

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  1. Thielbar placed on bereavement list to attend grandmother's funeral. Sounds like he'll be gone just the minimum 3 days. Michael Tonkin called up. 10 K/9 at AAA, so could be a nice addition. Talk of this being more than 3 days. I'm guessing Duensing is on the hot seat, even though I would prefer it to be Roenicke. Both should be gone so we can cut down this ridiculous 13-man staff.

    1. I would be fine if Duensing remains a LOOGY. He has a 25% K% and 5.3% BB% for a 2.56 xFIP, which is plenty fine. The LOB% is pretty good too at 89%, it's just the BABIP is a sky-high .392. Now, perhaps he's simply regressed there, but the strikeout and walk rates seem to indicate otherwise.

  2. Also, the Twins are double digit games out of first base.

    Judging by Joe Mauer's impending fatherhood, I think the Twins have gotten well past first base.

    1. Dammit, did i really do that? I can't even blame this on my phone since i typed it up using a real computer with a real keyboard.

  3. Interesting piece on best non-AS seasons in the past 50 years.

    Leading the way is Adrian Beltre's 9.7 fWAR in 2004. According to b-r, Beltre hit 315/355/580 in the first half (142 OPS+), 356/423/683 (185) in the second half. Those second-half numbers are positively Bondsian, but the first-half ones were nothing to sneer at either.

    That year, the NL's 3B starter was Scott Rolen. He hit 339/415/599 (164 OPS+) in the first half. His backup was Mike Lowell, who hit 305/384/571 (149). Nothing to see here, kids. Beltre went wild in the second half, but he wasn't cheated out of the A-S appearance.

    Unless you have a problem with including FOUR first basemen: starter Pujols, backups Sean Casey, Todd Helton and Ji-Jim Thome. Buuuut
    Casey: 352/402/606 (162) in the first half
    Helton: 348/464/614 (183)
    Thome: 289/406/653 (174, with 28 dongers)

  4. the Twins are getting some real good hacks off this pitcher, nothing to show so far.

  5. Graphic on FSN documenting Mauer's "roller coaster season". It showed consecutive date ranges showing that Mauer has been really good and really bad. Can't help but think that's just how to goes. There was a blog post on The Book Blog talking about this for pitchers. Every pitcher is great in half of their starts. The great pitchers are quite bad in their worse half while the mediocre pitchers are really, really bad in their worse half. Seems the same would be true of hitters, just with finer granularity.

  6. NBC keeping Bob Roll on for color on Le Tour - goofy, but money, there.

  7. So I've been having this feeling that the Twins aren't going to win another game this year. When do they play the white Sox again?

      1. Only one month away!
        Plus, there's an ASG in the middle to keep the number of losses to a minimum.

  8. all right, I am back checked into the game. time for a 9th inning Super Potato Oles rally inning

      1. I'm afraid Jeff A will break soon.
        "You can't win 'em all, and in all likelihood, you'll lose 'em all. Still on track for 37-125!"

  9. Well, clearly, we can't win them all. But we can win all that are left! We'll just have to settle for 112-50!

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