Game 88 Recap: From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

July 11, 2013

Mood: Humble 😐

Music: Bruno Mars - Treasure

Well, I finally moved out of my hotel room in Rochester and signed a lease on a pretty good apartment. Dad and Janelle rented a U-Haul and drove a bunch of my stuff from my old apartment in Minneapolis all the way here, so I can finally be comfortable. I didn’t realize how much I missed my Xbox lol! I've been playing COD a lot again, but I'm a total noob now after not playing for a while. I guess I just have to accept that maybe I’ won’t be as good as I used to be. That’s a lot easier to do with COD than it is with Baseball.

Brian was bummed that I officially moved out of our apartment, but he understood. He likes to crack jokes and poke fun at me sometimes but he’s a good friend and he said he understands what I’m going through because it happened to him last year when he was sent down and didn’t make it back to the majors until this season. Part of the Baseball lifestyle is knowing that you’re always fighting for your career and that there are no Guarantees. I have a Never Give Up spirit though, it’s what makes me a DeVries according to Dad lol, and it makes it hard to accept that I’m in Rochester and I’m probably not going to be called up anytime soon.

Dad said that it only takes a couple injuries to some of the pitchers and then I’ll be right back up there, but Casey had to butt in and say “Yeah maybe if the whole team dies they’ll use him.” They bring her along every time they come here and I’m sick of it because she just spoils everything but I guess they had to this time because she got kicked out of her summer camp and Mom and Scott are on vacation in Mexico. Janelle just says that she is Troubled and reminds me that I have been Troubled too at times and have acted out. I guess she’s right, lol. I still have some scars from where I got the tattoo removed after having a Troubled time.

But back to Baseball, I don’t know exactly what to say about it right now. I’m entering a new phase in my Career where I’m now referred to as a Journeyman, because I’ve been around the block and then some. I’m getting passed up for promotion buy some of the young hotshots like Kyle and Tonka Truck (lol that’s what us guys called Michael Tonkin), and “Vanimal” Vance Worley keeps telling me that he’ll get called up way before I do. Speaking of Vanimal, I thought he was funny at first but I think maybe Brian was right about that guy. He might be kind of a jerk. He’s not a bully like Alex Burnett was, but I’m realizing that sometimes his jokes can be hurtful at times.

Sometimes guys like me who aren’t high on the charts end up playing in places like Japan which I’ve been thinking could actually be a way to broaden my life experiences. I’ve heard that in Japan the word Crisis also means Opportunity which sounds like a good Never Give Up type motto. Maybe us DeVrieses are actually from Japan lol! I asked Brian if he ever thought about playing in Japan and he said “Only when the MLB won’t take me anymore” but that a lot of guys play for a year in Japan and then come back and play in the Majors again. He also said some things about Japanese girls that I won’t repeat lol. But I guess I have to consider all of my options these days and Japan is one of them.

But Brian keeps insisting that I have Major League Talent, especially compared to the “****ed up old sadsacks” that he said are starting for the Twins now. I think the Twins have tons of pitching talent but I guess the team has been struggling lately too. I looked at the standings and couldn't believe how far back they are now. The first half of the season has been rough for a lot of guys, including me. But even us guys in the Minors still have the Twins spirit, we know we just have to keep supporting each other and have each others backs and maybe we can make a lot of noise in the second half. But I know that until I get my ERA down then the only noise I'm going to be making is a throwing up noise lol! But in Rochester or in Minnesota or in Japan or on Mars lol, all I want to do is keep Pitching.

See you in Tokyo?


Rays 4 – Twins 3