2013 Game 96 Recap: Twins 4, Earth’s Team 3

So, my internet went out halfway through the game and I was unable to see the Twins close this one out. What I did get to see is Clete Thomas go into Beast Mode and further establish himself as the 3.5th outfielder the Twins have needed to get over the hump. 3-1 since the All-Star Break, and a week before the trade deadline. BUY!

4 thoughts on “2013 Game 96 Recap: Twins 4, Earth’s Team 3”

  1. On Wall Street this is what they call "irrational exuberance." I'm not sure TR will be able to deal Morneau at this point, his value is so low compared to his cost (my math could be wrong but I figure @ $4.67 million for a two month rental of league average OPS with below average power for the position). I also think TR will want more for Perkins than most contenders will be willing to give up. Seems like Detroit and Boston would be the most likely suitors for Perk, and there would be added reluctance to trade within the division, so that leaves Boston. But Perkins is a pretty affordable closer and will be through 2016 (his club option year), so I think TR will consider him a long term solution that he wants to keep. On the other hand, the low cost gives him more leverage in any deal he might make. I honestly have no idea what will shake out over the next week, but it's fun to speculate.

  2. Morny this season:

    320/368/521 home
    222/294/284 away

    Good gravy. Could he try any harder to not get traded?

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