Game 97: The Twins Way Over Where Days Last Forever and the Game Never Starts

Gibson (2-2, 6.45 ERA) vs. Hanson (4-2, 5.10 ERA)

Well, the Twins are out on the West Coast, which from a "following the game" standpoint might as well be the other side of the world. Because of that, I have no idea what is going on. What I've been able to gather is that the Angels also suck, most likely still reeling from the loss of ii's leadership.

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  1. LaVelle E. Neal III ‏@LaVelleNeal
    Mauer has left the team to join his wife, because its time for the twins

    Royal Baby alert!

  2. Gibson's looking pretty good so far, great downward angle on his fastball tonight and he's hitting his spots.

  3. the wife wants me to watch The Big Lebowksi with her (she's never seen it). So I guess I'm not hanging around for this one.

  4. Mrs. Twayn didn't want to cook tonight, nor did I, so we got pedestrian Chinese - beef lo mien, sweet and sour chicken, cream cheese wontons, GBP to drink.

    1. I don't think TK made the trip, and we probably won't have Bert until we get back home.

  5. Nice play by Florimon and a good pick by the Mountie. I don't have a lot of complaints about our infield defense these days.

    1. After last night, the monkey's off his back and he can relax and play without pressing.
      At the same time, he keeps repeating this mantra: This time make it stick. This time make it stick. This time make it stick.

  6. The side just struck out against Tommy Hanson.

    Tommy Hanson.

    Alright I'm going to go drink a gallon of NyQuil and sleep.

      1. enjoyed it, but wasn't blown away. which seems appropriate in celebration of America's greatest slacker. lots of laughs.

        1. Linds is interested in it, but I'm sort of afraid for her to watch it, since I'd put money on her being lukewarm about it.

    1. Jeff Bridges was on Jimmy Fallon the other night, pimping R.I.P.D. Fallon said he'd only recently seen TBL and couldn't stop raving about it. Better late to the party than to miss it completely, I guess.

      1. Speaking of R.I.P.D., it looks awful, but is the latest movie that my brother worked on, and he said that the cut he saw was entertaining.

        1. They showed a clip. Looks like one of those "check your disbelief at the door" kind of flicker shows.

  7. I'm glad we tied it up, but I'm not up for extra innings. We need to win or lose this in regulation.

      1. On top of how tired I was this morning, this bottom of the seventh isn't nearly as immediate or gripping as Deduno chewing on his necklace.

      1. I think one of the great failings of the worst third base coaches is that they take distance into account, but not the player in question.

        1. Used to drive me crazy when Ullger would send Kubel to get nailed at home by ten feet, over and over again.

  8. just saw the slide on BBTN. crazy send, as he was chugging past second. crazier slide.

              1. They're on my mind because the kids actually requested "Blue Planet: Deep Sea" on my DVD yesterday. While eating a pizza dinner.

                  1. The little pea-sized copepod-eating bubble thing actually gets "Cute!"s from the two older girls.
                    Someone was freaking out about Hatchetfish until I looked them up and told them that the "Giant Hatchetfish" gets as large as 5 inches: a small sunfish is as big as the giant. But then I had to mention that the Gulper Eel can be six feet long.

      1. I totally expected the Angels to score two runs after the first couple batters got on.

    1. Fox Trax says not really, but the zone's been a little off the black most of the night.

      1. Yeah, but since the 4th or 5th inning the zone's seemed a few inches wide on each side of the plate. Pretty consistent high and low, though.

      2. Giving credit where it is due, the Halos did a good job of laying off Perkins' slider in the 9th.

        1. I haven't been in an ocean for two decades and will not open that link.

          You know what? Fuck it also. I'm not sure I've ever quite come out and said this here, though I've danced around it: I'm an ichthyophobe. I am life-alteringly terrified of fish and basically all sea life outside of dolphins.

          1. Are you asking that I be sensitive of your ichthyophobia?
            Because I can be, or I can keep poking you every time the Twins play Conger's Angels.

            1. I'd rather you didn't poke it. Jokes are fine (and expected) but go easy on images. I can live with the occasional pic because I know it's a ludicrous phobia, but if there's intent there, it's a whole different thing.

              1. Gotcha. You acted disturbed last night, but I couldn't tell how much was feigned and hyperbolic.
                Last night's was slimy. Tonight's were sillier.
                And the link, even if I disguised it, was pretty transparent.

    1. Sorry, fans in attendance.

      I've gone back to being glad I stayed up, obviously.

      Who had Herrmmmmaannnn in the pool for first Twins GS of the year? Anyone? Guys?

  9. Props to Hermann for not overrunning Clete and Doumit when he sprinted around the bases.

  10. Tommy Field is less than ten years younger than me.
    I think his mugshot could pass for younger than ten.
    Field, 2013

    1. Well, no one thought Pujols and Hamilton would both be this bad. But still, even with those two and Trout, the rest of the lineup is not very good. And I think most thought the offense would be great and would carry the team. They do have a true ace in Weaver and Wilson is very good. If Hanson pitched like he did tonight all season, wow! I'm just glad the Twins played the Angels while Babe Bourjos was on the DL.

    2. Trusting a scaleless eel with no hands to do most of the catching was bound to backfire.

      1. Could be worse, could have a Hagfish catching. They don't even have vertebrae! Just skulls!
        And no jaws! Hey, Hagfish, C! Where the hell are the rest of your bones? Loser!

  11. I swear to God, if Sports Barbie doesn't stop asking players how they feel about shit I'm going to start foaming at the mouth. Ask Herrmann what his approach at the plate was or if he was sitting on the breaking ball. You know, something about the the game of baseball. It's an interview, not a therapy session.

  12. The Twins were nice enough to take it easy for nine innings and give the Angels a chance, but then the team MVP put them ahead for the second time and Herrmann hit a grrannd slam to put it out of rreach. We're still on track for 108-54!

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