2013 Game 106: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins

Jarred Cosart
Samuel Deduno

Finally the Twins can beat up on a clearly worse team.

Cosart is now the Astros best starter with Norris gone, racking up 1.3 rWAR in just 21 innings. He's only struck out seven in those 21 innings, which would rank last even on the Twins.

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  1. is it me, or has there been more negative articles about the Twins in the last two days than there has been all year? I mean the Twins stink and all, but it just feels like everyone is piling on now.

    1. That's 50 pitches in three innings. He needs to stop trying to strike everybody out and pitch to impact.

    1. I love how close the 3Bdude was playing, and he still made those choppers look like an easy play

      1. Dominguez is kinda the reverse-Sano. Lots of positive reviews about his defense at the hot corner, but questions about if he was going to hit well enough to stay there.

  2. Matt Harvey has gotten a lot of talk this year, but another NLEast pitcher should get just as much dap: Jose Fernandez of the Marlins. 14 k tonight, 27 in the last 16 IP

  3. Looking over our lineup tonight, Joe Mauer's .325 batting average sticks out like a baboon's ass.

  4. So I'm not supposed to take Advil because I'm on blood thinners, but two Tylenol 3's barely made a dent in this toothache so I took a few Advil with dinner about an hour ago. Feeling much better now, and not nearly as sleepy.

  5. On the bright side, I am enjoying a delicious, ice-cold Fanta Orange Soda. Mmmm. From Mexico, so real sugar.

      1. I noticed a little mercado in Anoka a few weeks ago with a sign in the window for Mexican Coke. Been meaning to pick up some masa meal and a pork butt to make tamales, so I might check it out tomorrow.

        1. Huh. The/A Cub in south Minneapolis has a cooler in the "ethnic" section with Mexican sodas. I think Fanta Orange is an option. I know I've seen similar selections in other reasonably large stores.

          1. Mexican Coke (or even, in a pinch, Pepsi) is far superior to the domestic stuff. but sometimes I just gotta have an orange soda.

        2. The Cub in Brooklyn Park has Mexican Coke in the ethnic section. Usually just above the floor.
          Probably the same in Maple Grove, Champlin, Coon Rapids.

  6. Dick: The Twins don't have the ability to play good baseball for an extended period of time.

    When Dick Bremer is admitting that, you know it's bad.

      1. yeah, but he can actually strike someone out.

        also, do the ones from the other day count? Because Florimon berted that fielding play.... Florimon should have the runs charged to him.

  7. I missed it, had to run out to pick up the truck. Had the Sinclair boys do this one, I'm not equipped to press u-joints in or out of the drive-shaft.

    1. my least favorite thing to do when I do maintenance on the lawnmower is grease the u-joints

      I dont know what a u-joint is, but I do know they need grease.


    2. Nothing you can't do with a bench vise (or a big ol' C-clamp) and a couple chunks of 2x4!

      Of course, I was putting tires on rims today and used the old trick with starting fluid to seat the bead, so I'm not exactly a professional.

      1. True, but I don't have a vice, or a big enough socket for pressing the bearing cup into, nor a hoist, and I didn't want to do half the job FOMB on a cement garage floor.

        1. I hear you on the cement floor. And sometimes, it's nice to have the guys who have the tools and the time just get the darn job done.

  8. Dick: One advantage to being at home, is you can use your closer [earlier in the game]. You don't have save him for a possible save situation.

    1. Dazz mentioned pitch framing yesterday- he called it "receiving" and made no mention of advanced stats, but still! I was starting to think maybe there was some hope for him, but I should have known better.

    2. And my first thought, after bemoaning Arcia's "jump", was the heads-up play by Mauer to get the out.

      1. He definitely made lemonade over all the lemons that came rolling out of his teammate's butts on that play.

        (I apologize, I've gotten 90 minutes of sleep in the last 37 hours).

  9. I'm not saying I don't think Hicks would've bobbled the ball relaying it into the infield but... I don't think Hicks would've bobbled the ball relaying it into the infield.

    Because if Clete Thomas was in left he would've caught that ball. The team is hard enough to watch without Gardy bringing back the Three Statues outfield.

  10. wait, what? Gardy gave up the DH? Is Mauer still in the game? Box score says something about Hhhherrrmmmmannn at both C and PH.

  11. So I'm back and the game is not over. I have mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, it means we haven't lost. On the other hand, it means more TWINS BASEBALL!!

  12. this is about the 14th player the Astros have trotted out on the field and I have no idea who this person is.

    1. Maybe if they hadn't chewed through their bullpen one or two outs at a time, they wouldn't have had to.

      1. Going to a starter is probably a good idea. There are only so many decent relievers, so having a starter throw three innings or so makes a lot of sense.

  13. Did someone tell Gardy that the Astros are now an AL team and they don't need to bat pitchers just to "make them feel welcome"?

    1. I think because it's the Astros and it took them 13 innings to put them away, the Twins should receive 1 win and 1 loss for this game.

      1. Everyone forget tonight happened, pretend play was suspended when Clete was somewhere between Thrid and home, and we can resume the game at a later date if it is needed.

        Spoiler SelectShow
  14. I feel like this game was better to watch under the influence of narcotics. Modern dentistry for the win.

  15. Talk about toying with the other team. Not only did the Twins hold off on scoring for most of the game, giving Houston the illusion that they had a chance to win, they even allowed pitchers to bat a couple of times. In the end, though, Brian Dozier finally decided the fun had gone on long enough and it was time to kill the Astros off. We're still on track for 102-60!

    1. The 1965 Twins went 102-60 en route to the franchise's first post-season appearance in Minnesota, a thrilling seven game World Series, won by the Dodgers when Sandy Koufax threw a two-hit shutout in the deciding game. Minnesota won three of the four games played in Minnesota and to date has still never won a World Series game played outside the state of Minnesota.

      1. Minnesota won three of the four games played in Minnesota and to date has still never won a World Series game played outside the state of Minnesota.

        Until this year, you mean! Not only are we going 102-60, we're going three-four-four in the playoffs!

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