Game 117: Baseball Team from Ohio vs. Power Hungry Monsters from Minnesota

McAllister (4-7, 3.90 ERA) vs. Lake 'Ace' Deduno (7-5, 3.38 ERA)

So, we're just a hair under 2/3'rds of the way through the season and the Clevelanders and Kansas City'ers are both ahead of the Yankees for the wild card. Be still, my beating heart.

The Twins look to continue winning despite hitting the least clutch home runs of any team, ever. They do so with their previous ace on the mound the day after their new real ace delivered a sparkling shutout.

I wanted to do a little research and write a little more for this game log, but man, I'm tired.

55 thoughts on “Game 117: Baseball Team from Ohio vs. Power Hungry Monsters from Minnesota”

  1. I hate it when the Indians wear their blue home unis in an away game. It confuses me every time I look up at the game.

  2. The lady folk are all gone and I'm on my own for dinner, so I'm cleaning out the fridge. Leftover pork tenderloin, leftover hamburger, leftover pizza, leftover potato salad, and a fresh Sierra Nevada Tumbler autumn brown ale.

  3. Ugh, errors. I'm glad I missed them in real time, but they're still a blight on the boxscore.

  4. Dick, leaving runners stranded on third base has been a problem for the Twins for three years now, not a few weeks.

    1. batter advanced the runner, check
      scored a run without hitting over the fence, check

      yep, that be TWINS BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yesterday, GreekHouse suggested that the Twins could afford to lose a few games and still make the playoffs. So, the Twins decided to try to prove him right. No more of that! We'll just have to settle for 98-64!

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