32 thoughts on “Game 134: Twins @ Rangers”

    1. One is tempted to say something like "there's too much hamburger in this organization already", but good for him. Maybe he can get himself turned around.

      1. At a quick look, he appears to be somewhat like the Pirates' version of Anthony Slama, but I guess we'll see.

  1. I am guessing that is the end of Pelfrey's night
    and it was a great one.

    now, its time for a Jelly Belly rally inning

  2. ball goes through Florimon, rolls to deep SS.
    Plouffe goes to retrieve it, falls on his butt while trying to throw the ball
    all kinds of win on that play.

      1. It ended up having nothing to do with the outcome of the game, but otherwise it would work. Twins on some kind of run of starting pitching. Too bad they can't hit now.

  3. I just got back from a nice night of wine and watching the Princess Bride outdoors on the big screen. Here I am, just in time to watch us lose... πŸ™

      1. The damage was done when Gardy took out Thielbar for Roenicke. Thielbar is only giving up a .551 OPS to RHB, which is better than Roenicke is against RHB. And if he'd also walked the guy, he's giving up almost .300 less points in OPS to LHB than Dunce. It's really too bad Gardy's treating him like a LOOGY.

        Or at least he did in that situation, I guess.

      2. Well, but say Perkins comes in the game and gets the job done in the ninth. Now, we go to the tenth with Thomas, Mastroianni, and Florimon coming up to bat. The Twins might have scored with that group, but it seems unlikely. It's also unlikely Perkins is going to come out for the tenth, so we have to use the other guys anyway. We'd just have had the ninth inning in the tenth.

  4. A team that was still reeling from the loss of Drew Butera now has to deal with the loss of Justin Morneau. It figured that it would take them a game to do that. We'll just have to settle for 86-76!

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