Game 137: The Race for #3

Hernandez (3-1, 5.54 ERA) vs. Cosart (1-1, 1.59 ERA)

If the Twins want to secure the #3 pick in the draft, bringing Hernandez back up is a good place to start. I don't have a whole lot to say outside of that, though. The team is still without Mauer and Morneau was still traded, so the lineup won't look real sexy. Course, that un-sexy lineup hung 10 on the 'Stros yesterday, so level of competition and all.

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  1. On the docket for me tonight - I got a new secondary monitor that they were gonna get rid of at work. It'll be great for programming, but I have to figure out how to uninstall the proprietary drivers on my linux system because they aren't playing nice.

    That is to say -I'll be watching the game if I have a video driver installed at all tonight.

              1. Yeah, I understand it in principle, but it seems like I can never find what I'm looking for. It's just due to unfamiliarity. I'm reading the Git Pro book right now to get up to speed.

                  1. If I run
                    sudo apt-get install git
                    I get

                    git is already the newest version.

                    But there is no folder at /etc/gitconfig or ~/.gitconfig

                    If I run git config --global --edit it lists the file directory as


                    but I can't find that in the folder viewer

                    1. Welcome to dot-files. UNIX has the convention that files or directories that begin with a dot are hidden by default. In the terminal, you need to use the -A or -a option for ls; in a GUI, there should be an option to show hidden files.

                      For the rest, I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do. If you're trying to configure git, then okay, carry on. I don't find much configuration necessary; I have only seven options set out of about 100.

                    2. Yeah, I know about hidden files. "CTRL-H" shows them in the GUI. There was no real reason for looking for it other than I just wanted to know where it was. I was just following a long with the config in the book, like setting user name and stuff.

                    3. Okay, I get it. The file won't exist until you either create it or set some options first. Some programs will create default configuration files, but many don't.

  2. wow

    Phil Miller ‏@MillerStrib
    Dozier is already more than a third of the way to Twins' career HR mark by a second baseman: 44 by Rod Carew.

        1. I buy UZR more than DRS, especially since TZL agrees with UZR. I can't help but wonder if Dozier looks good, but isn't actually that good.

      1. I wouldn't mind bunting if the Twins hadn't somehow become terrible at it over the last 3-4 seasons.

        No, I guess I would still mind it. Home runs are better any day.

          1. I was thinking of Pop-up Punto when I typed that. I just didn't go back far enough to include him in the bunt-ineptitude, I guess.

  3. Why isn't not-Punto batting second? I thought catchers batted second this season. Is there a rookie adjustment I'm unaware of?

  4. I never knew how the nickname 'Big Train' got attached to Carl Willis
    Dick Bremer says Kevin Tapani gave it to him because Willis would love to toot his own horn.
    thats great.

  5. Dazz: "Casey Fien...has been outstanding."

    whaddya know, the numbers pretty much support that. How did that happen?

        1. Fien's been trending worse.
          Gardy's go-to reliever, getting burned out like Neshek, Guerrier, and Rincon before him.

          Spoiler SelectShow
    1. They never left. Mixed content blocking is for everything. I simply fixed the plugin for YouTube videos. Anything else will still be blocked unless it supports https.

  6. USA ended up being Mexico* 7-0 today. Hopefully this bodes well for the WCQ for the men on Tuesday.

    *According to Wikipedia - "sometimes referred to as Las Tri"

  7. Pedro Hernandez threw 70 pitch in 6 innings
    gives up a hit and gets taken out
    and now its 4-3 and on the verge of being behind.

  8. On the Grill tonight: sliced leftover grilled steak on baguette with a schmear of chevre and dollop of dijon. wee little canapes!

    1. a list at Twins #1's in my baseball lifetime

      Alex Presley (2013)
      Tsuyoshi Nishioka (2011-2012)
      Orlando Hudson (2010)
      Luis Castillo (2006-2007)
      Jason Kubel (2004)
      Jay Canizaro (2000-2002)
      Otis Nixon (1998)
      Alex Cole (1994-1995)
      Jarvis Brown (1991-1992)
      John Moses (1988-1990)

    2. Presley's last number one was 1977's "My Way" b/w "America the Beautiful" (Cash Box's Country Western charts)

    1. Are you referring to Pop-up Pedro, or did I miss something? I was transitioning from my truck to my basement.

  9. But Dazzle just said a couple of innings ago that Barnes doesn't have opposite-field power! Doesn't Barnes know that?

  10. From 2063:

    "The next night," Grandpa Colabello continued, "was just as much fun. We led the whole game, but then our closer blew up, and we went into extra innings. It was the twelfth, and I was leading off. It woulda been neat to hit another home run, but the skipper told me when you lead off an inning, you're not supposed to hit a home run. That's selfish. You're just supposed to get on base so you can start a rally. So I did. I singled to right, and sure enough it started a rally. The next guy messed up a bunt, so I was out, but then we got a double and wild pitch to go ahead, and later on our countryman, a guy named Mastroianni, doubled in two more runs so we won 9-6. I was really glad I listened to the boss and didn't hit a home run--who knows what would've happened if I had?

    "It was then we realized it. We just couldn't lose, no matter what we did. And we didn't. We won every game the rest of the season, we made the playoffs, and we won every game in the playoffs to take the championship. Like I said, it was quite a time."

    Thanks to the future Grandpa Colabello's unselfishness, we're still on track for 86-76!

    1. Not that you don't have enough on your plate, but you I would enjoy seeing your writing in a Spookymilk Survivor or Play With the Prose competition.

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