79 thoughts on “Game 144: As at Twins”

  1. Darin Matrioanni needs to be more aggressive on the basepaths?

    Id say he is the Twins most fearless runner

  2. so i was going down a b-r rabbit hole and was looking at the 1996 team (seriously, Dan Naulty came up in conversation. Dan Naulty!) and stumbled across Mike Milchin

    I have no recollection of this player, but he played in 26 games with a 8.31 ERA THEN Baltimore claimed him on waivers. This blows my mind.

    1. I think it was the right thing.
      "I didn't see it well because I was getting out of the way. Anyone else?"
      Double was the most likely outcome had it been called fair from the start. Willingham in RF.
      They did not send the runner from first home. Had the 1b ump called it fair from the start, he would likely have scored.
      (I don't know, maybe he's slow like Konerko or something though.)

  3. for those not following, ball hit down the first base line, ump called 'foul', umps conferenced and ruled it fair, double for Lowie and runs scored


  4. this. so much this.

    RandBall ‏@RandBall
    Are runs that score on a foul ball earned or unearned? Asking for a tall pitcher

  5. I guess what gets me riled up about that botched play is that the umps gave Lowrie two bases for their screw up. Either give him one base because the umps stopped play on a fair ball or keep it a foul ball. Can you assume a double there? it could have been a triple, or he could have been thrown out going to second.

      1. Oakland feed spent most of that half-inning running commentary about Neshek's brother Paul - currently a Twins 'ball boy' down the third base line. Some kid spent the whole appearance chatting Paul up and all he's trying to do is man his position and watch his brother. The announcer was doing an imitation of the little guy, "Hey man, look at that." "Hey man, is that your brother?" "Hey, buddy...buddy, buddy!!! Isn't this cool?" "Wow. Did you see how high that was?"

        It was pretty entertaining.

  6. Terry Ryan reached for the telephone. It was a rotary-dial telephone, black. He had asked for a newer one, but Mr. Pohlad said it wasn't in the budget. Of course, he'd been told that for so long now, over many years and two Mr. Pohlad's, that it no longer bothered him. In fact, he'd come to like his black rotary-dial telephone. He found the "whirr" that it made when he dialed it oddly comforting.

    He dialed a number. The telephone "whirred" in it's oddly comforting manner. Then a cheery voice on the other end said, "Kubota Company".

    "This is Terry Ryan," said Terry Ryan. "I'd like to speak to Carl."

    "Carl who, sir?" the cheery voice asked.

    "You know, Carl," said Terry Ryan. "He used to do advertisements for you. You used to call him the Smartest Pitcher in Baseball."

    "Sir, those ads haven't run since 2010," the cheery voice said.

    "Exactly," said Terry Ryan. "And 2010 is the last time our ball club won anything. When Carl was around to help, we won the division all the time. Ever since then, we haven't been worth a darn. We need him to come back."

    "I'm sorry, sir," the cheery voice said, "But Carl no longer works here."

    "What?" asked Terry Ryan. "Where did he go?"

    "We traded him for a bright young executive, a top pick from Harvard Business School," the cheery voice said. "He's only twenty-three, but nobody doubts his talent."

    "What?" asked Terry Ryan again. "What kind of a lunkhead would make a trade like that?"

    "That would be the head of our Human Resources Department," the cheery voice said. "A man named William Smith. Would you like to speak to him?"

    "Never mind," sighed Terry Ryan, as he prepared to place the receiver back on its cradle. "Never mind."

    We'll just have to settle for 81-81!

    1. This loss did not eliminate the Twins from the division.
      That happened when the Tigers won on Tuesday.
      We'll just have to settle for the wildcard!

      1. Twins' wild-card elimination number is 4.
        From the Rays and Yankees.
        Five from the O's, Cleveland, and Royals.

        Rays play Yankees three times, O's four times.
        Yankees play O's one more time.

        So long as the Rays go 3-4 in those games and lose the rest, the Twins can still make the Wild Card.
        The Twins play the Rays four times also, so they hold their destiny in their hands if only lightly.

        The Yankees finish the season with three games in Houston.

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