Game 145: A’s at Twins

Already down 4-0. You know why?

No grit!

Prove that there's some pride in the clubhouse and there can be some emotion, because this team doesn't show much fire. It's understandable when the two best players through the years - the M & M boys - are not alpha personalities. That doesn't mean the rest of the team has to be that way. And when the front office starts team-building for 2014 it would help if they bring in some grit and some edge. Aren't those hockey terms? Should I be griping for some snipers, too?

Thanks, LENIII. I would have asked for some starting pitching.

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  1. Pleasant surprise for me - I went to the game for lunch, had a Kramarczuk's Polish Sausage* and a Summit EPA. It sure was gorgeous outside, but I'm almost glad I had to duck out early to come back to work. There's something really deflating about the opponent hitting a triple. I don't think I could handle two in the same game.

    *2nd time in a week <a href="">after last Sat. I highly recommend we make this event a WGOM outing/caucus next year.

      1. Agreed - I've decided that if I'm spending money on brats, from now on they're going to be Kramarczuk's. We drive by the darn place at least 6 times per week.

  2. Winning teams have great chemistry and losing teams have bad chemistry. Obviously the only difference is the chemistry.

  3. Testing, 1, 2, 3...


    Season Wins Losses
    1982 60 102
    2011 63 99
    1999 63 97
    2012 66 96
    1997 68 94
    2000 69 93
    1983 70 92
    1998 70 92
    1986 71 91
    1993 71 91
    1961 70 90
    1978 73 89
    1990 74 88
    1995 56 88
    1971 74 86
    1985 77 85
    1980 77 84
    1996 78 84
    1964 79 83
    1968 79 83
    1975 76 83
    2007 79 83
    1989 80 82
    2013 63 82
      1. Losses Seasons
        102 1982
        99 2011
        97 1999
        96 2012
        94 1997
        93 2000
        92 1983 1998
        91 1986 1993
        90 1961
        89 1978
        88 1990 1995
        86 1971
        85 1985
        84 1980 1996
        83 1964 1968 1975
        82 1989 2013

        I am being presumptuous because hey, comeback here in the eighth!

        1. They already cannot lose 100 games. They would have to go winless the rest of the way, which I admit seems possible after this last week and the news about Mauer, to tie 2011 with 99 losses. With the trade of Morneau, no callup of Sano, and injuries to Mauer and Deduno, I'll be OK with the Twins just finishing with less than 96 losses.

  4. this team doesn’t show much fire

    Saw a graphic the other day that the Twins have the highest percentage of comeback victories this year. But they don't have any fire.

  5. Bill Smith burst into Terry Ryan's office. "Boss, I've done it!" he said excitedly. "Our problems are over."

    "At this point, I'm willing to try just about anything," said Terry Ryan. "What have you done?"

    "It was so simple," Smith said. "I was reading an article by Lavelle E. Neal III. By the way, the bloggers call him LENIII. Don't you think that's a cool nickname?"

    "No," said Terry Ryan.

    "Oh. Well, anyway, he said that what this club needs is grit and edge. So I signed them."

    "Signed who?" asked Terry Ryan.

    "Grit and Edge," Smith responded proudly. "This is Bobby Grit, and this is Danny Edge. Add them to the roster, and our problems are over."

    "What positions do they play?" asked Terry Ryan.

    "Oh, they've never played baseball in their lives," Smith said breezily. "Danny here works in the mail room. Bobby is a greeter at Walmart."

    "I don't know," said Terry Ryan. "I don't think Gardy will want guys on the roster who can't actually play baseball."

    "Have you watched our team recently?" asked Smith in surprise.

    "Good point," said Terry Ryan.

    "We've lost two games by a combined score of 26-5," continued Smith. "What have we got to lose? Just give them a chance. You'll see."

    "Okay," said Terry Ryan. "Take them down to the clubhouse. I'll find a spot for them."

    "You won't regret this, boss," Smith said. "With Grit and Edge on our side, we can't lose. If we'd had them all season, we'd have won the division easily. As it is, we'll just have to settle for 80-82!"

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