43 thoughts on “2013 Game 146: Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins”

  1. Dicknbert moaning about strikeouts in the first inning in tonights game
    Pinto doesnt strike out, but rolls into a double play
    there is a word for this situation.

  2. What's in the glass tonight?

    Hendrick's and tonic for me. The Hendrick's was a gift from my brother in law for his wedding. He knows I like gin and mostly just fuessed at what might be decent. He stumbled upon my favorite gin.

    1. Mother Road Roadside American Ale. Very nice, smooth local brew. I met the brewmaster a few weeks ago and ended up touring the place and talking beer with him.

      1. I love tours. Even a cursory Leinies tour ended with me having a glow in my jeart, and Linds having an appreciation for beer (where she used to hate beer).

        1. They don't even do tours at Mother Road. He just took me around because we talked for a while. There was a strong jealous vibe coming from the condescending hipster asshole who was serving us. He didn't realize that the brewmaster has more in common with me than with him.

      1. Ooh, tripel. I'm cooling down one of these.

        I am thrilled that my local has decided to carry it. I am, to put it mildly, excited to try it, since Oatmeal Stout is one of my davorite forms of beer

  3. Combined career average slugging percentage of tonight's Twins outfielders- .371

    I expected worse (Presly is at .422!), but it's still bad.

  4. Davis with his 50th donger, O's beating Toronto tonight. Cleveland Native Americans also winning. #theracetoleavetheyankeesathome is on.

          1. secondbasedude was streaking towards the base, runner was half way to third. Plouffe held onto the ball. runner made it back with NO throw from Plouffe

  5. Thielbar come on with runners on 1,3
    both were extinguished on the basepaths
    thats gotta do wonders for the 'inherited runners' stats

  6. Race to the Bottom.

    Losses Seasons
    102 1982
    99 2011
    97 1999
    96 2012
    94 1997
    93 2000
    92 1983 1998
    91 1986 1993
    90 1961
    89 1978
    88 1990 1995
    86 1971
    85 1985
    84 1980 1996
    83 1964 1968 1975 2013
  7. After the game, Brian Duensing said, "Hey guys, I've been thinking--"

    "Not again," said Mike Pelfrey. "You remember what Gardy said. Do you want to get us all in trouble?"

    "Don't worry, mate," said Liam Hendriks. "I'm always in trouble anyway. G'wan, Brian, tell us what you're thinking."

    "Well, maybe we've been looking at this all wrong," Duensing said. "We've been looking at how many runs we give up. Maybe the problem is with how many runs we score."

    "Interesting idea," said Kevin Correia. "Go on."

    "I did some research," Duensing continued. "Did you know we haven't won a game all year where we scored zero runs? I think if we scored more than zero, we might have a better chance to win."

    "You think we should tell Gardy about that?" asked Casey Fien.

    "I don't know," said Jared Burton. "I think we should ask one of our good batters first. See what they think. Get another perspective."

    "I like that idea," Duensing said. "Who's one of our good batters we could ask?"

    "I know!" said Caleb Thielbar. "Let's ask the catcher, Mauer. He knows all about hitting."

    "We can't," Duensing said. "He's on the disabled list."

    "Well, how about that big first baseman, Morneau," said Anthony Swarzak. "He seems to know about hitting, too, if you can get past his foreign accent."

    "What's that supposed to mean, eh?" asked Andrew Albers.

    "We can't," Duensing said. "He was traded to Pittsburgh. Who's another good batter we could ask?"

    Silence fell. Silence continued to fall. After a while, silence hit the floor, bounced back up, flipped over, and resumed falling again. Silence was still falling when there was a knock on the door.

    It was the clubhouse man. "Come on, you guys," he said. "It's getting late. Go home. I need to lock up."

    "Meeting adjourned until tomorrow," Brian Duensing said.

    We'll just have to settle for 79-83!

    1. Silence fell. Silence continued to fall. After a while, silence hit the floor, bounced back up, flipped over, and resumed falling again.

      seriously, you've gotta at least to a play with the prose or something, padre. that was awesome.

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