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  1. there have only been 5 Twins players to have 100+ hits this year: Mauer, Morneau, Dozier, Plouffe, Doumit

    so yeah, one is probably out for the rest of the year and the another was traded.

    Last year, there were 7 players, including Jamey Carroll

  2. Only three innings in, and the Twins have already equaled their run-scoring output from the first two games of this series!

  3. Dazzle and Provus just said Brian Dozier is the Twins' MVP for the year. Brian Dozier is hitting .240/.309/.417. When trying to think of someone else, Provus suggested Perkins.

    Don't the Twins have a catcher who's pretty good? I think his name was Mouser or Mowsher or something like that. I mean, I know he's on the DL now, but still, he played over a hundred games this year and if memory serves, he did fairly well.

    1. Dozier has been good, but yeah, Mauer is the obvious answer. Pretty disappointing when the guys who cover the team every day don't realize that.

      But it's way better than saying the MVP is Doumit.

  4. maybe an interesting exercise for those still paying attention to the team: not accounting for free agent signings this offseason, which young player would you want on the 2014 team?

    myself: Herrmann, Presley, Pressly, Thielbar, Tonkin

    1. I'd agree with all of those but Thielbar. I think the Twins have other lefty options that are probably better, but Thielbar's price is probably right.

      1. Huh? If the Twins have better lefty options, why aren't they here? Thielbar has been getting results better than you would expect and you expect him to start getting hit by right-handers eventually, but he's striking out almost 30% of the lefties he's faced and has a 21/4 K/BB rate vs. lefties. His K/9 in the minors overall was right at 9, which is basically what it was at AAA. His BB/9 the last two seasons in the minors was 2.4 and 2.7. I think it is safe to say that Thielbar will be better than any of the others mentioned than maybe Tonkin. Alex Presley could be a decent leadoff hitter in the Denard Span mold, too. Less walks, more strikeouts, but better average and more power.

        1. I was thinking Duensing was better (and more expensive), but after comparing their stats for this year, Thielbar comes out on top pretty easily.

          And for some reason I always think that Fien is left-handed. Comes of listening to the games on the radio instead of watching them, I guess.

    2. The problem with that list of young players is that the only ones who are actually somewhat young are Tonkin, who'll be 24 next year, and Pressley, who'll be 25. Herrmann will be 26 next season. Presley is 28. Theilbar will be 27.

      Pinto will be 25, and I'd like to see what he can do. Arcia will be "only 23" next season, so he may improve. But one of the problems with this team is that for the most part, the "young" players are not really young.

  5. For a moment there, it looked like the Twins might screw up Gardy's master plan to keep the Yankees out of the playoffs, but luckily, a double play kept them from scoring.

    1. plowing through b-r, while not a 3 game series, Sept 6,7,8 of 1978 the Twins were shutout (CHW, MIL, MIL)

      continuing the search

    2. Using the BR.com streak finder, there's a 4 game stretch with "R=0", but it's under the "login to view" section, so I don't know more details than that.

      1. that might be for the 1958 Washington Senators. Sept 19-21, swept/shutout against Boston then Monday 22 shutout against baltimore

  6. I guess the runs are going to count. I was sure there'd be an interference call, or a missed base, or passing each other on the basepaths, or something.

  7. Ron Gardenhire closed the door to his office. He sat down in his chair. "This team can't even lose right!" Gardy exclaimed.

    And we're still on track for 78-84!

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