Game 150: Two of the Same Thing vs. Colorless Socks

Big Pelf (5-12,  5.31 ERA) vs. Quintana (7-6, 3.56 ERA)

I check the standings when I remember to prepare a game log to figure out which game number to put in the title, and its been an increasingly depressing activity this season.  Fortunately, there's the Pale Hosers manning the bottom of this division. I was contemplating putting up the magic number for the Twins to hold off the Sox to avoid finishing last in the AL Central, but there's nothing magic about it so I decided not to.

Anywho, I presume Mauer is being shut down for the rest of the season meaning the lineup is still a diminished Willingham and a bunch of "young" guys, so that's fun.

What is actually fun is the reaction down here to the Badgers losing this weekend. People take this crap way too seriously around here and get really deluded about things. Its both humorous and insufferable at the same time.

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  1. Hmm...lots of interesting games on right now.

    I'll stay with this one until there's a two-run deficit, at which point I'll head to the latest-inning game with at least one playoff contender where the teams are within two runs of one another. If this ends with me watching the Yankees, I'll be very upset.

  2. it seems like when Pinto makes contact with the ball, its smoked. its like the crack of the bat has a different sound than other players

    my armchair scouting report

        1. I'll watch any Clint Eastwood movie, and I like Amy Adams quite a bit, but as baseball movies go I've seen better. It's worth a watch if it don't cost nothin'.

  3. Technically speaking, white light is the combination of all other wavelengths, and, for sake of over simplifying, everything that is white in our visual experience is made of something slightly colored such as ground chalk, refined titanium, oxidized lead, and bleached tree pulp. Okay, I'm done.

    1. The following came to me via e-mail from the cleaners I frequent...took me 10 minutes to find this comment so I could share it (though I don't know the context of or what prompted the comment).

      Cleaning Tips with Duane (our Garment Care Specialist):

      The FIRST thing to remember is that white is not a color. White fabrics are bleached during manufacture and then treated with optical brightness or fluorescent dyes. These treatments create the optical illusion of whiteness by enhancing the fabric's absorption of light. That is why it is important to store your white garments away from the light. Exposure to light can break down fluorescent dyes, causing areas to discolor and stain.

      The SECOND thing you should do is to be aware of your own garments. If you let a stain on a white item set, or allow a garment to get very dirty, it becomes very difficult for us to restore it to its original state. Because of the delicacy of the white dyes, it is important to bring your untouched, stained whites into us as soon as possible. We will handle your items with the proper professional care that they deserve.

      The THIRD lesson in white garment care is to store your white items separately. When light garments are stored closely with dark garments, the sublimation of dyes occurs. This is when nitrogen gas causes dark dyes to redeposit on light garments, creating stains.

  4. Omaha Royals Golden Spikes Storm Chasers are playing the Durham Bulls for the AAA Championship. Omaha pitcher Chris Dwyer is perfect so far through five innings.

  5. there are fewer thing in baseball that can suck the life out of a game more than Mike Pelfrey pitching with a runner on base

    1. That sounds tasty. Grilled chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, garden salad, and a diet Coke here. I'm out of beer, but I'll have a little bourbon before bed. For medicinal purposes, of course. Last night's fare was better. Grilled pork roast with an Asian glaze (1/3 cup honey, 1T brown sugar, 2T soy sauce, 2T sesame oil, 2T balsamic vinegar, 1-2 cloves minced garlic), steamed rice and steamed veggies. I make extra glaze and reduce some of it on the stove to use as a sauce for the pork and over the rice.

      1. late to the party, but lazy-man green chile stew. I marinated a pork pin cushion roast for 2 days in green enchilada sauce and some spices, then dumped it all in the crock over some sliced onions. The mrs added chopped potatoes about 2 hours before dinner. I came home, reduced the sauce a bit to thicken, and shredded the pork. Instant stew.

  6. even Pelfrey's stroll off the field after being hooked in the middle of the inning is slow

    Im sure he is a great teammate/guy, but I wish him luck in an Astros uniform next year

  7. b-r tells me that this Jake Petricka guy pitching for the Sox is a Minnesota guy. Born in Northfield, went to HS at Fairbualt


  8. the Twins have scored twice this inning without the ball leaving the back of the infield dirt

    1. I'm very sorry. I put this in before I saw what Twayn had said, and I don't see a way to get rid of it, at least on the computer I'm at now. I ask for your forgiveness, and that you would just ignore this one and move on.

  9. It occurred to me this morning that I've been showing this chart wrong. Instead of ascending the ranks, this should be shown as descending. It is, afterall, a Race to the Bottom.

    Losses Seasons
    86 1971 *2013*
    88 1990 1995
    89 1978
    90 1961
    91 1986 1993
    92 1983 1998
    93 2000
    94 1997
    96 2012
    97 1999
    99 2011
    102 1982

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