43 thoughts on “Game 151: Oi a diamond in the rough”

        1. I think that might be my first game log LTE of the season. (Pretty much sums up where I'm at with this outfit. Can't even feign interest in the product.)

    1. Or even the unproductive hit. The Twins are batting .241, 26th in baseball. I could figure it out, but the Mauer-less and Morneau-less Twins would obviously be lower than that.

    1. That's an interesting question actually. I used to heckle after a few too many barley pops, but was never close enough for anyone to actually hear me. I've had some pretty good 'gift' seats the past few years and the thought of heckling never really entered my brain. In fact, I was annoyed when some punk college kids in the row directly behind the Indians' dugout started chanting "HGH, HGH, HGH!" with Giambi in the on-deck circle. I wanted to tell the kid to shut up, but Jason did it for me... he promptly hit a homerun.

  1. It's looking like the regular Twins batters came back after the second inning. This does not bode well for them.

  2. so, escobar's a pretty cool guy. he was talking to a group of kids the whole game long, even posing for pictures in the on deck circle. then, at the end of the game, he signed autographs for them and gave his hat to the birthday boy.

  3. Scott Diamond was upset. His team had just lost two games in a row to the arch-rival White Sox. He was determined, not just to beat them, but to discourage them, to destroy them, to crush their souls. He thought, "What would be the most discouraging, destroying, soul-crushing way to beat this team?"

    Well, the obvious answer was to beat them by some ridiculous score like 18-3. But that would require his team's offense to score eighteen runs, and that might take a couple of weeks. The second-best way, he thought, would be to beat them by one run, to give them the illusion that they might win, then snatch it away.

    He set out to do just that. He held the White Sox scoreless for a few innings, to see how many runs the Twins might score. Soon, it became clear that they would score four. So that mean he should give the White Sox three. It took a while, because the White Sox didn't seem all that interested. He managed to give up a home run in the fourth, and then, finally, he was able to give the White Sox two in the seventh. He was a little disappointed when Gardy took him out after that--after all, this had been a plan--but he decided he'd better not say anything. Gardy might not understand, or he might not approve. Better to let Gardy think he was tiring. Besides, he had confidence in the bullpen guys to hold the lead.

    And sure enough, they did. The White Sox souls were crushed. The Twins had solidified their hold on fourth place. And the Twins were still on track for 77-85!

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