Game 154: Twins @ A’s

I've been going at this all wrong.

All this time, I thought the Twins hated me, a loyal fan. Lately, though, I've been seeing things differently.

* Crisp fall afternoons are great times for walks and the like, so the Twins made sure that their fans were able to go about their business without having to worry about pesky pennant chases, like that attention starved team from Cleveland.
* The Rays selfishly play an 18 inning game, just so that their playoff hopes remain alive, giving their fans insomnia. The Twins know that their fans' sleep is important, so when they start a game late, they make sure they lose quickly, so as to give their fans a chance at an earlier bedtime.
* Weekend afternoons are to be savored, so when the A's send a perfectly serviceable pitcher like Jarrod Parker to the mound, the Twins send Pedro Hernandez, so you know you probably don't even have to start watching. "You've had a long week", the Twins says, "why don't you go play some video games? I'll be fine." Don't mind if I do, Twins... don't mind if I do.

The Twins really do love us, and they're proving it by letting us go.

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        1. we are just east of the Bay Area. Yea, it has been dry, but we average less than 20 inches per year anyway. The Sierras need snow more than we need rain. Farmers who hadn't harvested their corn yet probably were not happy.

          the XC course was through a local vineyard. luckily, some of it was paved or grassy. The rest became a sea of mud.

  1. I see the game got underway just in time for me to get home from grocery shopping and be down 1-0. The regularity of this would be comforting if it wasn't so disheartening.

      1. I didn't catch who it was, nor did I care to bother looking it up, but I assumed he was an infielder. Beltre is the only person I've ever heard who's insane enough not to wear one at 3rd.

        Edit: Oops, replied to the wrong bS comment. This goes above, obvs.

    1. bread is in the oven. I am using the basic no-knead strategy, but with more yeast, less water, and kneaded. So, yeah, nothing like the no-knead recipe. But I did pour the (thrice-risen) dough into a cast iron dutch oven pre-heated to 450 degrees.

  2. Wow. I saw none of this affair, but again, they get pummeled. This race to the bottom os an all-out sprint at this point. The Twins now need to finish 2-6 to improve on last year, and their run differential continues to expand. This has been double plus ungood. With 8 games to play, the Twins have allowed 91 fewer runs than last year. If they average 6 runs allowed the rest of the way, they will allow only 36 fewer runs than last year. With a tenth of a run lower offense (16 runs), they would be about 20 runs different. So basically the same putrid pitching as last year.

    Losses Seasons
    89 1978 *2013*
    90 1961
    91 1986 1993
    92 1983 1998
    93 2000
    94 1997
    96 2012
    97 1999
    99 2011
    102 1982
  3. Oakland. Rick Anderson could barely get himself to say the word. Oakland. The unwanted stepchild of San Francisco. The place of which Gertrude Stein had said, "There is no 'there' there." You say the name, and you immediately think of a screwed-up place. Oakland.

    And the stadium. It was dark and smelly even before the sewers backed up. A place they used to call "The Mausoleum." Now it had an even more screwed-up name. "O'Dotco". What kind of a name was "O'Dotco." A screwed-up name, obviously. Probably some screwed-up Irishman who had paid a bunch of money to have his screwed-up name put on this screwed-up stadium in the screwed-up city of Oakland.

    Oakland. A place so screwed-up that only a screwed-up pitcher like Liam Hendriks could pitch well there. And at that thought, Rick Anderson cheered up.

    He remembered that tomorrow's pitcher would be Cole DeVries. He didn't know DeVries very well, but from what Brian Dozier had told him, DeVries was every bit as screwed-up as Liam Hendriks. Maybe more.

    It sounded like DeVries might be screwed-up enough to pitch really well in this screwed-up stadium with the screwed-up name in this screwed-up city, Rick Anderson thought. Maybe he was even screwed-up enough to pitch a shutout. And that shutout might pick the whole team up. "Maybe we'll even go on a winning streak to end the season," Rick Anderson thought. "We'll just have to settle for 73-89!"

    1. as the season has gotten darker, the Padre's writing has gotten more magnificent. Maybe he's screwed up too?

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