40 thoughts on “September 21, 2013: Bad Timing”

  1. since it was a blowout early last night, I was digging around baseball-reference and I think I stumbled upon a nice trivia question.

    Can you name the two active MLB players that played games before the 1994 Strike?

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  2. The Runner household remembers when College GameDay first went to Mizzou just a few years ago, so they also thought it was pretty neat to see them camped out in downtown Fargo this morning.

  3. Everton cranked up the pressure to 11 and had about 1,000 touches in West Ham's penalty area without getting a shot, but a minute later Leighton Baines with an absolutely gorgeous set-piece goal. Lukaku looks like a beast.

                1. Here's more fun: The next 6 home matches for the Black Cats (after hosting Arsenal last weekend)

                  Man U
                  Man City

                  There are some road matches in that time that should be chances for points, but ... ugh.

        1. Damnit, I bought Lukaku in the fantasy league thinking he'd have another beastly year, then sold him right before the transfer window closed because he wasn't getting time under Jose. I may have to re-acquire him.

          1. Did you see the goal? He almost decapitated himself smashing the ball and the defender's head. Total BEAST MODE/grown-ass man goal.

  4. I didn't watch it, but apparently last night Billy Hamilton pinch-ran, stole second, then scored from second on an infield single.

          1. Puig Destroyer. Their magnum opus "Stop F*****g Bunting" -

            No clock, only outs
            But still you insist on,
            Giving them away
            ... What the f***?
            Play for one (that's all you'll get)
            Stop f*****g bunting

              1. The only player we have that I'd classify as "bad-ass" is Mauer, but I don't think Mauer's badassery is the same type of badassery Puig has. It's more of an understated, Upper Midwest badassery.

                Edit: Upon thinking a bit more, I think I'd be OK with Sano using it eventually

  5. so, the Gopher have about 200 yards rushing in the first half
    San Jose St have throw for about 300

    its a slobberknocker at TCF

  6. Some of you may remember Wendell Kim, third base coach for the Giants, Red Sox, and Cubs. Sadly, he is in the final stages of Alzheimer's at the relatively young age of 61.

  7. will they even play a game in Oakland today?

    Susan Slusser ‏@susanslusser
    OK, the coaches' room might be in peril soon. They're asking about sandbags. #Athletics


    Mike Gallego just walked by me, shaking his head, and said, "It's bad." Kurt Suzuki is yelling sewage coming out of faucets now. #Athletics

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