37 thoughts on “2013 Game 156: Tiggers at Twins”

  1. You can't make this up:

    Oswaldo Arcia was in the Twins' original lineup tonight, batting cleanup, but bruised his right knee while running into the right field wall during batting practice.

  2. Bert, could it be that Verlander's heavy workload over the past couple of years has adversely affected his performance this year?

  3. What's the record for fewest wins for a pitcher who started 30 games? I've got to think that Pelfrey's 5 would set the record if they give him another shot (and he does what is expected today).

      1. in 2004, Ryan Franklin went 4-16 in 32 starts for Seattle
        in 2002, Tanyon Sturtze went 4-18 in 33 starts for Tampa

      1. If Hendriks didn't have his one win this year, he would break the record for most games started without a win. Vida Blue holds the current record with 14 games started and zero wins.

  4. Pelfrey with 4k's tonight, giving him 100 for the season
    that makes TWO Twins pitchers with 100 Ks (Correia has 100)

  5. is this going to be one of these games where the Twins kind of hang around then unexpectedly hits a 3 run HR in the 7th inning and chase Verlander from the game?

  6. So I watched a lot of two different games tonight, and both ended with a walk-off in extras for the team I'm pulling for. Hey, September baseball is good for something again!

  7. The author was confused. He had been out most of the evening, but turned on the game when he got home. It was the seventh inning, and the Twins were down 3-0. Ho, hum. Another loss for the Twins.

    He started mulling some ideas for what he might write the next morning. He left the game on while he had a snack and got ready for bed. The Twins got a couple of guys on base in the seventh, as they'd apparently been doing the whole game, but they failed to score, as they'd also apparently been doing the whole game. Jared Burton pitched a scoreless eighth, "for all the good that's going to do", he thought.

    The Twins got a man on base with one out in the eighth, but that wasn't likely to do any good, either. He'd come up with an idea he kind of liked for the next day. It wasn't the greatest idea he'd ever had, but it would work. The author shut off the television set and went to bed.

    He got up the next morning, turned on his computer, and prepared to write. He went to mlb.com first to check on the final score. It said "Min 4, Det 3".

    If true, that meant that the Twins had scored four runs in one game. That seemed impossible. Their pitchers had held Detroit to three. That seemed impossible. Those two things meant that the Twins had won the game, which seemed like the most impossible thing of all. The author felt new respect for the queen in Alice in Wonderland, who had been able to believe six impossible things before breakfast. He was struggling with three.

    He made a note of the idea he'd had, so he could use it sometime in the future. But then, he thought, "What if the Twins never lose again? After all, if three impossible things can happen, why not four? We're still on track for 72-90!"

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