36 thoughts on ““Game” 158: Tiggers visiting the Twins”

  1. Post Sicily-trip, I have been doing some research - here is WSJ weighing in on Nero d'Avola.

    Also, I made my first run at Caponata last night using eggplants and tomatoes from my garden with this recipe. Turned out quite good.

    Tonite is fried calamari (was fab) and Ruota di Pesce Spada (Wheel of swordfish) - still in the oven...

  2. Bremer: Hunter continues to represent the Twins well, even though he hasn't played for the Twins for 6 years.

    Wait, what?

      1. Actually, I've heard quite often that both have a very similar motion that is not seen very often from lefties. I think it has to do with how they come straight over the top. Obviously, Lee has had a lot more success with it. An odd motion for Diamond might explain why he had a good year last year and is getting hit around more now that opponents are seeing him more often.

  3. I don't got Twitters, but if I did I would probably have to take it to Dick Bremer for continuing to fellate eye-eye so much as such a "great representative of the Twins."

  4. From the Star Tribune classifieds:

    "FOR SALE: Baseball bats. Excellent condition. Very little use. Best offer accepted. Call 612-659-3400. Ask for Ron."

    We'll just have to settle for 70-92!

  5. I was just thinking yesterday what the odds were of this Twins squad getting no-hit. It could happen!

    Tigers batters not very efficient. Back in the day, Jacque Jones could win a game with a lead off HR all by himself.

  6. Now two teams have clinched playoff spots while playing the Twins and a third seems inevitable. That was an interesting series in that the Twins pitching actually held the Tigers in check. But, you have to score to win and last night, not so much. The Twins should absolutely drop these last four games in an effort to secure a better draft pick. Right now, they are a 1/2 game behind the Cubs, but even in the win column. Any win should be considered a loss.

    Race to the Bottom:

    Losses Seasons
    92 1983 1998 *2013*
    93 2000
    94 1997
    96 2012
    97 1999
    99 2011
    102 1982
    1. Now two teams have clinched playoff spots while playing the Twins and a third seems inevitable.

      I knew the Twins would be playing meaningful games down the stretch!

      1. And so are the Yankees! They've been talking about tonight's game being "meaningless" and some are suggesting that Mariano Rivera should play centerfield, but Tampa Bay hasn't clinched yet. Meaningful! I hope Tampa Bay celebrates on the field at Yankee Stadium tonight.

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