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  1. I apparently know the person handling the Twins official feed tonight. Her name is Paula. She's pretty solid. Everyone with twitter should harass her or something.

  2. You know what would really stink? If the Twins actually took this series and kept Cleveland out of the playoffs in favor of the Rangers.
    I've been rooting for Giambi ever since he got turned down for the chance to be player/manager of the Rox.

  3. I swear, Fox Sports North treats Andrew Albers like he is the second coming of Johan Santana.
    selling hope, that is all they are doing.

  4. OMG Dick. The reason the Twins aren't in the playoffs is because the farm system hasn't kept up with the attrition through free agency?

  5. If the Twins ever get this Rzepczynski dude on their roster, I'll think seriously about his jersey.
    /Still sad Grudzielanek never got a Twilight cup with the Twins

    1. it will be more awesome if he was on the team with and manager Doug Mientkiewicz brings him into a tight situation.


    For those in the Twin Cities, there's no escaping the memory of contraction when considering Bud Selig's legacy as Major League Baseball commissioner.

    Selig, 79, announced Thursday he will step down in January 2015 after 22 years in office.

    "Here with the Twins, letting us keep our baseball team, it starts with that in '02," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said. "Not taking this thing away -- I've got a lot of respect for the man because of that."

    1. Hey Gardy, the only reason you have a job is because of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission. Suck up to them. They will also be gone in a year.

  7. Just in case anyone forgot, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission sued the Twins and Major League Baseball to force the Twins to honor their lease. The judge in the case issued a preliminary injunction and ordered the release of a bunch of documents related to the contraction clusterfuck. The Twins and MLB baseball settled because they didn't want those documents released.

    To say that Bud Selig saved the Twins is so much fucking bullshit. I cannot abide that.

    1. Yeah and there was always that choice of the Twins as the second contraction team. Conveniently located in a media market next to Selig's own Brewers. Fuck that guy.

  8. The Twins now need to finish no worse than 1-2 to improve their record over last year.

    Race to the Bottom:

    Losses Seasons
    93 2000 *2013*
    94 1997
    96 2012
    97 1999
    99 2011
    102 1982
  9. The Twins clubhouse was jubilant. The sound of champagne corks being popped filled the air. Shouts of "We did it!" and "We're number four!" permeated the din. Finally, Brian Duensing got up on the platform and quieted his teammates.

    "It's been a tough road," Duensing said. "We had some hard times, no question about it. There were lots of critics, lots of nay-sayers. They said we were a bunch of losers. ["No!" shouted someone] They said we were nothing but a last-place club. ["We showed them!" someone else shouted] That's right, we showed them! We're not a last-place club. By golly, we're a fourth-place club!"

    Meanwhile, Ron Gardenhire was holding court in his office. "Don't give the credit to me for this," he said. "Seriously, don't. We wouldn't be where we are without the contributions of a lot of players. You have the veterans like Josh Willingham and Ryan Doumit, who've done so much to help us achieve this record. The young guys like Chris Parmelee and Liam Hendriks did a lot, too. And even a couple of guys who aren't here any more, Aaron Hicks and Vance Worley. We might never have finished fourth without them."

    And in the press box, Terry Ryan was talking to reporters. "Obviously, most of the responsibility for our finish goes to the players," he said. "I didn't get any hits, I didn't drive in any runs, and I didn't strike anybody out. Of course, neither did a lot of our players, but that's not the point. The point is that this is really an achievement that reflects on the whole organization. It says a lot about who we are, top to bottom. We didn't just finish fourth. We're a fourth-class organization!"

    So I guess we'll just have to settle for 69-73!

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