2013 MLB Playoff Brackets

okay, bracket time again (here’s a link to last year’s game). i’m not married to the scoring, so if anyone has any strong ideas about it, let me know.

(don't forget to guess who wins game 163 for an extra bonus point. respond to the post in the cup of coffee. deadline is monday, 7:07pm CT)

Wild Card Game 1 pt.
ALDS/NLDS 2 pts. (best of 5)
ALCS/NLCS 4 pts.
World series 6 pts.

AL Wild Card Game (One game playoff)

NL Wild Card Game (One game playoff)

ALDS (1) (Best of 5)
___ v. BOS

ALDS (2) (Best of 5)

NLDS (1) (Best of 5)
___ v. STL

NLDS (2) (Best of 5)

so, reply to this post with your picks, all spoilered like, please. be sure to include the score to the wild card games (3 points instead of 1 if you guess right), and the number of games played for each series (x2 points of you guess right)

AL Wild Card Game:
NL Wild Card Game:
ALDS (1):
ALDS (2):
NLDS (1):
NLDS (2):
World Series:

DEADLINE: Tuesday, 1 October 2012, 7:07pm CT

57 thoughts on “2013 MLB Playoff Brackets”

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    1. just in case, i noted in the CoC post that game 163 will be treated as a separate bonus point from the bracket. if you pick one team to win game 163 and they lose, you can hand in your bracket tomorrow with the other team factored in. getting tonight's pick wrong is no detriment to your bracket other than the missed chance of a bonus point.

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  3. Alright, geez, sorry guys. I'll put mine in the right spot.

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    1. Updated.

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      1. *UPDATED to the best of my ability. sorry I futzed it up*

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    1. Holy balls. Other than the length of the NLCS and the scores of the WC games, I think we're identical.

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  12. I have very little time today, so these are being made with almost no thought whatsoever:

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  16. I didn't forget!

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  20. I just want to point out that I am tied for first place* in this competition. For posterity.

    *At least I think nobody picked the correct score.

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    1. so, do I have to pound sand, or can those of us who somehow predicted the Division Series to go longer than 5 games revise their series length predictions to something that is actually possible?

      Somehow I did both NL series as though they were best-of-seven, despite choosing appropriate lengths for the AL series. I'd like to revise my predictions to (max length minus one) for the Dodgers and (max length) for Pitt.

      1. They should do that!
        I like it that there are little differences between the AL and NL.
        Have the AL with a 5-game LDS series and the NL with a 7-game series!
        The AL could use the extra day to have a 4-team wildcard play-in!

      1. speaking of, i should note that i just saw this LTE from wattsy. i had told him if he got his series length numbers to me before the game on wednesday, i'd include them (i let another citizen amend an omission, so figured it was fair enough).

        i see now that he did so, so i've updated his bracket.

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