21 thoughts on “NL Playoff Day”

  1. TBS trotting out Dick Stockton for this series.
    I may have to use my mute button a lot

    1. I havent watched his ESPN2 show yet, due to it being bumped to the wee hours by tennis and WNBA. But Larry King is filling in for him this week and its odd seeing Larry King on tv again.

      1. I don't know about his show, but with a studio full of former players, it's nice to have a calm intelligent person there as well. Not necessarily what he's saying, but how he's articulating it, at least.

    1. I'm not following on TV, and in general, I favor the Braves.
      However, McCann's shenanigans against GoCarGo automatically made his team the villains of the postseason for me.
      Along with the BoSox and whoever's playing the Pirates.

  2. And the commentary goes on mute as it unsurprisingly turns sympathetic to the founder's former team.

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