26 thoughts on “Sunday baseball: its the NL’s turn”

    1. I was going to ask if #2 could be the Mountie hitting a walk-off home run in game 7, but then I remembered the stupid All-Star game counts now.

  1. Pirates post-game is saying the throw to third on the double steal was shown to be an out, but from what I saw on TV it looked like a good hook slide. Was there a better of angle of it that I didn't see?

    1. I thought the tag was a split second ahead of the foot hitting the base, but its a really close call

  2. Only way that HR by Crawford would have been better is if the game had been in Atlanta and it shut up the tomahawk chop. "Let's go Dodgers" beats it hands down.

  3. I like the amount of classic showdowns in this postseason. 7 of the 8 are original franchises, with 4 of those in the same place they were in 1901. Now they need to balloon out their pants, shrink their gloves and leave them out in the field between innings.

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