Monday Baseball Madness

I don't see a log, and ii already dived in vain as the ball bounced pass him, so here we go.

A's @ Tigers 12pm
Cards @ Pirates 2pm
Red Sox @ Rays 5pm
Braves @ Dodgers 8.30pm

116 thoughts on “Monday Baseball Madness”

  1. The ol' catcher triple. Detroit might be in some realy trouble here. Especially since Sogard isn't even bothering with the rec specs.

    1. I had never seen someone where what look very much like regular glasses before. Seems like it would be difficult batting if the ball got close to the edge of a lens.

      1. That may be true, but the intimidation factor of looking like a librarian up there can't be underestimated.

      1. I think they should organize a playoff between the Expos and Yankees, bringing back all the players for those teams.

        1. admit it, you just want to see RonDL White bat one more time.

          and a jheri curl contest between the Pedro Martinez and the Yankees Melido Perez would be one for the ages.

  2. Kaat: "Billy Beane has gotten a lot of credit, and he should, but it's not all been about Moneyball. It's been about having great pitching, and finding bargains available that other teams pass up."

    Good Lord, Kaat.

      1. I could possibly think of certain forbidden zoney things, but Moneyball is certainly a contender.

    1. You have to give God credit, but it's not just about The Bible. It's also about salvation and Jesus.

  3. I keep thinking that Bank of America family portrait ad would have made a perfect Kodak ad in a world where Kodak had its sh_t together when the transition to digital photography accelerated.

  4. Feeling way better about picking Oakland despite me forgetting about Detroit having Verlander, Scherzer, and Sanchez. Picking the Braves; also forgot about Kershaw, an even worse oversight; isn't looking so good.

    1. Picking the Braves; also forgot about Kershaw, an even worse oversight; isn't looking so good.

      Also karma, don't forget about karma.

      1. Balfour was the problem. He's often yelling at himself, but he pointed it directly at Martinez and embarrassed himself with a string of obscenities that mostly just left Martinez confused.

  5. I rewound the DVR and the banter was clear and very uncreative.

    Spoiler SelectShow
  6. A's in the driver seat. The Tigers aren't the Yankees, so maybe the A's can actually close it out tomorrow.

  7. TBS announcer says The Trop 'plays fair' as a ballpark.
    I must have a skewed perspective of it because it seems like when the Twins are there, the Rays are hitting 2,3,4 HRs a game.

  8. roh roh. Wil Myers injured, Maddon using the DH Joyce in the field instead of putting Delmon out there.

    1. I was just going to say that I though that most of the Bosox looked ridiculous in those beards. Petunia and Napoli especially.

  9. Genius Maddon decides to make Joyce attempt his first ever sacrifice bunt. He Puntos it of of course.

    1. Somehow I think Grant Balfour would be the last person to have the @GrantBalfour twitter account. I would assume his would be @CockPunchKangaroo or somesuch.

      1. Since lower is better for pitchers, and Delmon's hitting is very low, half of that means he's practically Kershaw!

  10. Take me through what just happened.

    I hit a home run.

    Tell me some more.

    I was happy that I hit a ball over the fence and that I won the game.

    Yeah that was the best part.


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