its finally here. NLCS Game 1

LA Dodgers at St Louis Cardinals

Grienke -vs- Kelly

7:30 TBS

with the Pirates and A's bounced, most people's rooting interest have fallen by the wayside. Now we are in 'let cheer for compelling baseball' mode. I think I can talk myself into cheering for the Dodgers because of Puig!!! and Clayton Kershaw is a really good pitcher, but the whole 'spending a quarter billion dollars on payroll' thing is a huge turnoff.

26 thoughts on “its finally here. NLCS Game 1”

  1. Craig Sager with a violet suit coat, lavender shirt, and purple spotted tie

    he must think its Easter

  2. Mr Kelly has been living on the thin line since the opening batter. Uribe finally makes him pay

  3. I'm rooting for Vin Scully, but my big brothers are Cardinal fans, so I guess God bless the birds on a bat.

  4. Donny Baseball pinch running Adrian Gonzalez for Dee Gordon

    Gordon will probably try to steal a base and then get caught by Molina

    1. well, he was forced out.
      I think this PR was a dumb move. should have said that the post before.

      1. GAH, 1/2 an inning to early. I nearly talked myself into the next Beltran AB, but I was getting really tired.

  5. I dont follow Chris Kluwe on twitter, but reading back at his live blogging Game 1 is pretty funny

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