37 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: Oct 25, 2013”

  1. 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic' - The Police Ghost in the Machine
    'Stumblin In' - Suzy Quattro
    'Tony's Theme' - Pixies Surfer Rosa
    'Sweet Little Sixteen' - Chuck Berry The Great Twenty-Eight
    'Rough Boys' - Pete Townshend

    'Always Right Behind Yo' - The Zutons You Can Do Anything
    'Sugar, Sugar' - The Archies
    'Oh, Boy!' - Buddy Holly
    'A Face in the Crowd' - Tom Petty Full Moon Fever
    'Raging Eyes' - Nick Lowe Basher:The Best of Nick Lowe

  2. Started on my commute, but I liked it so I went with it...

    1. Andy Stott “Leaving” Luxury Problems
    2. Britney Spears ft. Madonna “Me Against the Music (Justice Remix)” B In The Mix - The Remixes
    3. Jewel “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” Lullaby*
    4. Zola Jesus “Run Me Out” Stridulum
    5. Bastille “Bad Blood (Live Piano Version)”* Bad Blood (The Extended Cut)

    6. KMFDM “Trust”* Nihil
    7. Del tha Funkee Homosapien “Mistadobalina” I Wish My Brother George Was Here*
    8. Ha Ha Tonka* “The Past Has Arms” Lessons
    9. Sharon van Etten “We Are Fine” Tramp
    T. Coil “Strange Birds”* Musick to Play in the Dark, Vol. 1
    E. Mice Parade “Imagine Winooski” Ramda

    3. Released on that obscure independent record label, Fisher-Price, which to that point was vinyl-and-cassette only.

    5. Turns out I'm not really a fan, but EAR digs them. I should remove this from my iPod soon. Same with #3.

    6. Fave KMFDM tune. (Though my knowledge of their catalog is scattershot.) Still haven't found baby Onesies or Toddler Ts with KMFDM artwork.

    7. Stupid grammar lessons, I first typed that in as "I Wish My Brother George Were Here".

    8. Great show Weds night at the Entry. Y'all missed out.

    T. Somehow I'd never paid attention to this song before last night when it showed up in my shuffle. (Now it's back today.) It starts out like Pole's CD1, only the filter crackle swings, like a street musician playing spoons, only with static. Then the birds show up. Then Jhonn whispers about them in the background.

  3. I am completely unprepared for Halloween. I'm still not ready for summer to be done. But my wife broke out the Halloween music this morning...

    "Wolf Like Me," "Werewolves of London," "The Curse" (Josh Ritter), and "Witch's Wand" feature prominently. There are other good ones too, but those are the ones that jump out. And if you've never heard "The Curse" go check that one out.

    No list from me today... or lately, just haven't been listening to much music lately. Weird.

    1. I dont know what makes a great Halloween song. A appearance of a Theremin? Words like 'evil' 'blood' 'pumpkin' ? That said, 'Mary Provost' by Nick Lowe is a pretty gruesome story set withing a peppy pop song.

      1. I feel like being too dark doesn't actually work for Halloween.

        Also, personally, kid-friendly matters (Wolf Like Me notwithstanding).

  4. Not really halloween oriented (though I could just post a list of every October 31 album ever if I was lazy, and I am.)

    01. Iron Maiden - "The Pilgrim", A Matter of Life and Death
    02. Metal Church - "Badlands", Blessing in Disguise
    03. Anthrax - "Contact", We've Come For You All
    04. Bathory - "Foreverdark Woods", Nordland I
    05. Hammerfall - "Raise the Hammer", Renegade
    06. Testament - "Killing Season", The Formation of Damnation
    07. Armored Saint - "Isolation", Raising Fear
    08. Arch Enemy - "Demonic Science", Burning Bridges
    09. Metallica - "One", ...And Justice for All
    10. In Flames - "Episode 666", Whoracle

  5. Having no iPod is really messing with the way I digest music. I loaded a couple of albums on my phone, just so that I have something to listen to at the gym, but in the car it's all CDs. Also, I haven't done one of my "fall asleep in my recliner while listening to music" nights in a month or two, which is sad.

    Anyway, I gave the new Blue Sky Black Death album a listen. That album would be perfect for a recliner night.

    1. i'm in the same boat. ipod is busted and storage is a premium on my phone (as the wife fills it with pictures of the boy because her phone is full of pictures of the boy). i compromised by creating a smart playlist of albums i've added to my library in the past two months, so i at least can listen to new music (to me) remotely.

      gotta get that ipod up and running again...

    2. Has anyone ever thought of getting I-Tunes Genius? For $25 a year you can up load all your songs to the cloud and then access them with any device. Don't have to worry about storage capacity. Also Apple will use the highest quality version of the song, if they have it in their library. If they don't they will use your version.

      I've thought of doing this but have never pulled the trigger.

      1. i've considered a cloud option, but with the experience i've had trying to stream podcasts, i don't think i'd want to become dependent on that.

        1. I'm in the same boat. I like to know that my music is "physically" on my device in the event I have no connection. That said, I haven't run in to too many areas with no service, so maybe I'm just being anti-tech.

        2. Definitely that is the issue for me too. I'd probably still keep a physical copy of my songs on an i-pod in case I couldn't stream or that became unavailable.

      2. It's a cool idea, but the 3G around here is too bad for that. Honestly, if the 3G was better, I wouldn't have a problem right now, because I'd probably listen to TuneIn.

      3. After all this discussion, I found out Google Music is free up to 20,000 songs. Since I will never have 20,000 songs, I am in the process of uploading my music. Sucks that I paid for a music player for my phone, but them's the breaks, I suppose.

      1. That's what I was wondering. Figured we'd have heard about its loss or destruction from our resident music snobs lovers.

      2. I mentioned obliquely in a thread a couple weeks ago that it was stolen at the hotel we stayed at for our vacation. I put it in my bag and put the bag in the closet when we went out for the day, then came back and found that my bag had been rifled through. Called the hotel manager, and....nothing could be done, even though the housekeeper was the only one in our room during the entire time we were gone.

        The stupid part is that it was an old 5th gen iPod video. You can pick them up on eBay for under $40. The problem is that it was a Christmas gift from Lindsey shortly after we got engaged and had my initials etched into the back. I had replaced batteries, even a headphone jack. It was one of my most treasured possessions.

        I will be buying a new iPod in the next couple of days, but losing that one really, really sucked.

  6. .
    1. The Lily of the West - Mark Knopfler/the Chieftains - The Long Black Veil
    2. In My Hour of Darkness - Gram Parsons - G.P./Grievous Angel
    3. No Te Empenes Mas - Charlie Haden/Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Nocturne
    4. Maxine - Donald Fagen - The Nightfly
    5. Blues Stay Away From Me - The Notting Hillbillies - Missing...Presumed Having Fun
    6. Welfare Mothers - Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps
    7. I Looked Away - Michael Nesmith - Nevada Fighter
    8. Diseases - Michigan & Smiley - Tougher Than Tough
    9. Hasten Down the Wind - Warren Zevon - Warren Zevon
    10. Bigger Picture - The Waterboys - Room to Roam
    B. Wild Night - Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey

  7. Yesterday I got my first full paycheck since sometime in June. So, new music! New playlist! And . . . it started off with two songs from one of the albums I carried over from my previous playlist.

    1. "Old Men" The Quavers Fell Asleep on a Train
    2. "Circle Line" The Quavers Fell Asleep on a Train
    3. "Soft As Chalk" Joanna Newsom Have One on Me
    4. "Hello Vagina" Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Animal!
    5. "The Sequel" St. Vincent Actor
    6. "Zigzan" Bombino Nomad
    7. "Make It Known" Foxygen Take the Kids off Broadway
    8. "Always Half Strange" Angel Olsen Half Way Home
    9. "Go Long" Joanna Newsom Have One on Me
    10. "Raining in Darling" Bonnie "Prince" Billy I See a Darkness

  8. .

    * Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell - The Offspring - Days Go By**
    * Totalimmortal - AFI - All Hallow's EP**
    * December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface - Stars of the Lid - And Their Refinement of the Decline
    * Walking After You - Foo Fighters - Skin and Bones**
    * Ghosts 9 - Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts
    * Brennschluß - Newspeak - Sweet Light Crude (P. Muchmore)**
    * Lost - Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II
    * Rhythm - Nuel - Trance Mutation
    * Not Even Nostalgia Is As Good As It Used To Be - Leyland Kirby - Sadly, the Future is no Longer What it Was**
    * Thirteen Rounds - Ben Klock - One

    1** I admit it. I like this song title. On the other hand, the song, like most on the album, is not very good. I'd characterize it as a passable impression of The Offspring.

    2** Theme relevant album title! - also one of my favorite AFI songs.

    4** A Foo Fighters unplugged album sounds like a good idea, it turns out the acoustic-focused albums are better.

    6** From the lyrics - "What goes up must keep going up." From Wikipedia - Brennschluß is either the cessation of fuel burning in a rocket or the time that the burning ceases: the cessation may result from the consumption of the propellants, from deliberate shutoff, or from some other cause. After Brennschluß, the rocket is subject only to external forces, notably that due to gravity.

    3,8,9** An ambient mood to the random 10 today. Not terribly spooky, but very atmospheric.

  9. No list but I just want to officially profess my fandom for LA musician Julia Holter. Her Loud City Song LP is a lush mix of styles from dream pop and jazz into experimental and back. All topped by her rather amazing vocals. It's almost certain to be my album of the year, and her 2012 release Ekstasis would have been in the mix for that year's top spot had I heard it then. Check out the wonderfully weird video that accompanies the dream pop brilliance that is "Goddess Eyes II".
    (Recently found out that my friend Gail had Ms Holter as a design student at Cal Arts about a decade ago. Not surprisingly, Gail said she was a very gifted young woman.)

  10. 1. The Villain - Old 97's - Alive and Wired
    2. Sulk - Radiohead - The Bends
    3. Swing Down Sweet Chariot - Elvis Presley - Ultimate Gospel
    4. Forgotten Years - Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mining
    5. Plans - Dinosaur Jr - Farm
    6. Awful Bliss - Guided By Voices - Bee Thousand
    7. Out Of My Mind [Live] - Neil Young - Sugar Mountain Live At Canterbury House
    8. Best Friend's Arm - Pavement - Wowee Zowee
    9. Song for Myla Goldberg - The Decemberists - Her Majesty The Decemberists
    10. Mr. Brownstone - Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

    B1. Nude - Radiohead - In Rainbows
    B2. Black Dog - Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV

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