Pixel Perfect Memories: FTL

Genre: Rougelike-like (in space!)
Difficulty: 7 (keeping in mind that I've made it to the final boss three times, and never beaten him... on easy)

The rebels are winning the war, and you are the Federation's last chance. Armed with information, some weak weapons, and a skeleton crew, you must race to the Federation's headquarters to prevent final, crushing defeat. Along the way, you'll do things like route power between your ship's systems, make sure your spaceship is properly maintained, and ensure that everyone doesn't suffocate.

Also, you'll die. A lot.

FTL (redundantly named "FTL: Faster Than Light") ends up being a great deal more engrossing and addicting than its limited graphics (the game was one of the first completed games to be funded on Kickstarter) and severely complicated nature (play the turtorial first, seriously) might imply, the ship to ship combat is fun, with a great deal of depth. There end up being several different ways to skin just about every cat - you can board the other ship, you can light them on fire, you can cripple them, one system at a time, until they can do nothing but send you a desperate hail to cease fire (and then you can decide on whether or not you want to do just that). Events and encounters are all randomized based on sector. As a result, while you do end up seeing a lot of the same events after several playthroughs, you won't play the same game twice (and, in fact, depending on which ship you end up taking, your options and strategies may be completely different).

I picked up FTL during the Steam summer sale along with Hotline: Miami and Fez (both of those are also good games). I only did so because it was two dollars (seriously, the Steam summer sale is awesome - if you haven't checked it out before, do it next year), and because of the soundtrack (which is solid). It has ended up being the game I've played the most over the past few months by a long shot. If a rougelike-like in space sounds even remotely interesting, pick it up - you won't be sorry.

What's everyone else playing?

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  1. Roguelikes are a lot of fun. I've only played one extensively, NetHack, but have dabbled with several. Lots of dying and being difficult are the hallmarks of a good roguelike.

    1. This one is a little different than Nethack, in that the graphics do, in fact, exist. Lots of death, though, especially in the beginning, as you're trying to figure out the mechanics of the game.

      I need to get into NetHack. A friend of mine swears by it, but I've never gotten much more than about ten minutes in on any playthrough.

  2. From adorable indie to Big Budget Murder Simulator: I'm also playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto V lately. It's pretty much everything I want from a GTA game - slightly eased up cops, a massive world that somehow doesn't end up playing in the quicksandbox, and tons of different little things to do (there is a fully functional (albeit pretty dumbed down) 9-hole golf game to be played!).

    Plus, heists are the most fun thing.

    1. yeah, i've been enjoying GTA5 as well lately. i don't play many games, but i'm a fan of the series, and this one has been quite satisfactory.

      i mentioned this somewhere before, but it really feels like they took the lead characters from GTA:VC and GTA:SA and just put them in the same game (and then threw in whatever trevor is). franklin even sounds the exact same as... carl? was that his name?

      regarding the gameplay, this feels much more like GTA:SA. the game world itself (with clothing, haircuts, tattoos, etc) is a lot more similar as well. also, i can drive motorcycles again! it was almost impossible to do so in GTA4, but they made it a bit less realistic again so you don't end up all dead all the time.

      1. Yeah, I liked 4, but 5 keeps a lot of the good kind of realism, and "cartoon physics" it up just enough to make it even better.

        San Andreas was the one game in the series (from 1 all the way up through present day) that I spent almost no time in, so since I enjoy the gameplay in this one so much, maybe I should give it a shot.....or maybe I'll just play 5.

        1. 5 keeps a lot of the good kind of realism, and "cartoon physics" it up just enough to make it even better.

          i do love that if you jump into a wall, you actually jump into a wall.

          1. Once 5 makes its way to the discount aisle, I'll have to make sure to give it a go. I do love being on the ass end of technological devices/games/things.

        2. Heh, San Andreas is the one, through the whole series that I've spent about the most time in. I played a lot of III, because college, but I played a load of SA. I even bought a PS2 in my later years just so I could play it (and God of War). I still giggle at the ability to make Carl a big, hulking brute who can't run for crap or a big fat guy, or whatever.

  3. Because of the bauble's incredibly fun issues with reflux, I haven't been able to play many games. I've just been playing a lot of NBA2K13 because of the upcoming season. I've been scanning ebay/Best Buy used section awaiting a good deal on Far Cry 3 or Dishonored for my next ventures.

  4. My gaming time has been alternating between Pokémon Y and Animal Crossing New Leaf the last few weeks. There's so much stuff coming out now I'd like to play but I just can't fit them in with those two.

    I'm still deciding if I should buy a PlayStation 4 at launch. I'm leaning towards No because of there being nothing I really must play at launch, but I keep getting suckered in by launch hype. I'll probably hold off and buy one in February when infamous comes out and fill that void with the excellent looking Super Mario 3D World.

    Also, a PSA: The Typing of the Dead Overkill was just released on Steam for $10. Typing of the Dead is one of my five favorite Dreamcast games, so this is an extremely pleasant surprise.

        1. I bought Earthbound on E-Bay in 1999, complete with everything in mint condition, for $70. It now goes for $300. The cartridge alone sells for over $100.

          It's nice to know that if I'm desperate for money, I have options.

          1. I got my copy of Earthbound from a good trade, but I am sad I didn't buy a copy from Best Buy when they were clearing them out for $5.

      1. Yeah, this is true. Also if I wait a couple months hopefully the bugs will be worked out. The Wii U launch was mighty rocky and I don't think the new consoles will be a whole hell of a lot better.

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