sorry for the delay, you guys. i've been meaning to get this together forever. thanks yet again to the citizenry for your amazing showing in blowing the doors off our pledge drive. we can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing content all of you create that makes this the world's greatest online magazine. seriously, i can't say it any better than everyone else already did after the jump. i thought this place was pretty awesome, but your insightful comments and testimonials made realize that it all goes so much deeper than that. i love this place, and i love all of you (um, you know, i mean, like... yeah).

long live the WGOM! i hope this place never, ever, ever changes.

"The WGOM is a place where I can complain about all the terrible sports media that I listen to.  And they remind me that I can turn it off."
"The is my awesome neighborhood bar where I can check in and talk about sports and parenting and music and we're all friends (more or less).

Except I don't have to buy beer or leave my house or miss any conversations. And how many neighborhood bars have teetotaling chaplains? I'd venture: not many."
"For years I lamented the fact that I wanted a place like Cheers where I felt like everyone knew my name and I was welcome. I hated bars, so I figured it would never happen. And then I found the WGOM."
"I've been mostly lurking since the old site - I don't even know how long it's been now. When I started following the Twins, I'd visit most of the blogs and message boards religiously, taking in all the information I could find. Over time I stopped visiting most sites for various reasons, but the one I still come to every day is the WGOM. There's very little vitriol here, and when there's snark, it's usually clever."
"The WGOM is my first source for Twins stuff (of course!), minor league info (Thanks JeffA!), Timberwolves tidbits and whatever eclectic news and links any of you goofballs think is worth sharing. Then there's interesting and in-depth discussions on books, movies, videogames, music, fatherhood, and so much more.

I don't comment on everything, but there's plenty of things that make me think and lots of snarky goodness that makes me laugh!"
"These days I rarely speak at the WGOM, but I stop by almost every day. It's been my habit to visit since 2004. For years I grasped on to every social network and dove in. These days I find myself dropping communication on one site after another, but WGOM is forever. Hopefully!

Thanks to everyone on the site for keeping things interesting and civil. I appreciate the discourse! Maybe someday I will jump in again, if you'll have me."
"Baseball is the greatest game, and a place to chat about baseball with friends would be enough. But this place is a whole lot more than baseball, and borders on family. That's what makes it the World's Greatest."
Can of Corn
"A few years ago I made a comment about what the WGOM was that Carter Hayes found agreeable. I don’t remember exactly what I said; something about a group of people who were “educated baseball fan foodie/craft brew connoisseurs discussing sport and current events, music, literature, television and movies who don’t take themselves too seriously…most of the time.” That seems a bit less fluid than what I previously wrote, but you catch my drift.

However, I’d add that we’re parents and siblings, friends and fans who talk about what’s going on at home and out in the world. We are respectful and supportive, generous and caring and, to a man,* clever, informative and insightful – no matter the topic. At its apex, the WGOM is a compilation of the best of our collective experiences with nearly none of the worst. It’s a glimpse of true community and the optimism and affirmation of humanity that the word ‘community’ encompasses. It’s where I come for my daily update on just about everything.

*no offense meant - just a turn of phrase. In truth, Pepper, Sheenie & Beth bring a perspective that we need more of around there."
"When I started learning how to play catcher, an older cousin gave me the catcher’s mitt he used in high school. It took a while for my hand to grow into that mitt, but I used it all through Little League, junior high, and senior high ball. I still have it. The mitt has received a unknowable and growing number of pitches, pitch-outs, pop-ups, throws home, and games of catch over the years, and it’s faired pretty well: a couple of re-lacings, the last by a leatherworker more accustomed to biker leather, the loss of a few cloth graphics subsequently replaced by leather patches, and lately, too much neglect. Every time I slip that mitt onto my left hand, I feel a flawless connection with the greatest game on earth. Along with plenty of conditioning oil, that mitt is saturated with some great memories. Though it’s been retired from game use, I hope that mitt has many more games of catch left in it, games of catch I’m looking forward to sharing with my own children, with my future nephews and nieces.

The WGOM is a bit like that glove. It’s fairly old in Internet years. It has survived numerous templates, hosting companies, a flare up or two among its denizens, and even a sudden change of venue. The focus of the site has evolved over the years, but the community has remained, even grown. That community is what keeps people coming back, even when life dictates spending weeks or months away from the site. We’re friends here, and for the most part, we do a pretty good job of being friends first and keeping everything else in perspective. Loading the Cup of Coffee on any given day is, for me, exactly the same as putting my hand into that old catcher’s mitt that lives in my closet. I feel an instant connection to something I know is special. There are a lot of good times in our past, and even more in our future, too. Someday I’d like to use that mitt in a game of catch with some of the friends I’ve made here."
"The WGOM is the most civil place I have ever seen in the internet landscape. To be able to have (mostly) friendly, intelligent discussion on a ridiculously wide variety of topics (100 comments about the infield fly rule? Sounds good to me.) Moreover, it helps moderate both my sports thoughts and emotions during games (Yankee playoff series excepted), not to mention has been a source for real, live friendship with the regulars I’ve met. I can’t think of any other website where I’ve been able to share, in person, the memory of watching Drew Butera pitch with another member of the site."
Daneeka's Ghost
"I remember the look of unease that my parents gave me when I told them I was going to go over and say hi to meat at a Royals-Twins game in KC.  "This is someone you only know from the internet?" they asked.  I almost said, "not the internet, the WGOM." As if that explained everything.  To those who've spent time here, it probably does."
"WGOM is awesome because of the citizens the dwell there. no bickering, lots of thoughtful comments and everyone is friendly."
"How do I feel about WGOM? I feel like I miss spending time there. Smartest group of 'chronic malcontents' on the internet."
"My interest in the Twins, and talking about the Twins on the internet, has declined a lot recently.  But I can always count on the Citizens of the WGOM to carry on interesting, thoughtful discussions about a range of topics that extends far beyond the worlds of baseball or even sports.  It simply feels like a real community, like that proverbial place where everybody knows your name, and there's no place quite like it on the interwebs.  That's what keeps me coming back."
 The Dread Pirate
"The WGOM is the ultimate gathering-spot. With the digital age, a place like Cheers doesn't really exist, but WGOM is about the closest place imaginable as we all gather, reflect on life, provide encouragement and consolation, crack joaks, tease, and broaden our horizons. No subject is too important or silly to be considered and all opinions are welcome (except Rick Reilly)."
FirstTime 'hitman' LongTime.png
"I really enjoy the Stat Freak to Non-Stat Freak ratio here."
"Baseball, music, beer, soccer, pop culture (and more) discussed in a smart and civil manner.  What else could anyone ask for?  It's the first place I go when I want to share something interesting or so others reactions to something out there in the world."
"Through the wgom I have met some of the worst people in the world and a number of life long friends. They all happen to be Twins fans."
Jeff A
"What's important to me about the wgom is a feeling of acceptance.

I love being a pastor, but it can be a bit of a lonely life. For one thing, you tend to move around a lot, which makes it hard to form deep relationships. For another, in the small towns where I've mostly been a pastor, there's never a place you can go where you're not 'the pastor'. That's okay, but it affects the way people look at you, and it affects the way they behave around you. People are afraid to really be themselves, because 'the pastor' is there. Sometimes, you're afraid to really be yourself, too, because again, there's never a time you're not 'the pastor'. I'm not griping about that, it's just the way it is.

But not at the wgom. People are who they are there. I am who I am. It's very refreshing to know there's this place where I'm not 'the pastor', and it's very important to me."
"I came to WGOM years ago for the Twins, stayed for the banter between Citizens.  I lurked for years, was an active poster for a couple of years, and have gone back to lurk mode.  I'd miss the joint terribly if it ever disappeared."
"I've been around pretty much since the beginning.  Comment #4 on the Blogspot blog, I think, so I've seen all iterations and incarnations of the site.  It's a little odd to think of all the milestones I've celebrated for people we've barely, if ever, met in person - new significant others becoming spouses, then children.  Of course, the flip side has been there too - breakups, divorce, deaths of loved ones.  My second, web-based family."
New Britain Bo
"A riddle:
A gang you've never met, but consider among your best friends.
A place you visit every day, but has no address.
A source of news, grief, joy, and half-bakef crap."
New Guy
I guess the reason I like this web site so much is that it’s a great way to keep track of what’s going on with the best Baseball team in the whole world, the Minnesota Twins.

Well, what can I say about the Twins. Well, it was a rollercoaster ride with a lot of ups and downs, and sometimes it was bumpy but sometimes it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can’t even describe how great it was to be on the mound at Target Field and have fifty thousand fans cheering for me to win. Some day I’ll tell my great great grandchildren about it and show them the game ball from my first Major League win.

I wish I could’ve pitched some more games for the Twins in the Big Leagues, but I guess things don’t always work out how we imagined. My agent (Dad lol he took over as my agent after my old agent made me give him money to pay for his D.U.I.) said that it’s time for me to get a fresh start with a new team. Well, I have a lot of mixed feelings about that because the Twins are the only Organization I have ever known and they are a World Class organization from top to bottom. I’m gonna miss all the guys so much, especially Brian. I talked to Brian the other day for the first time in forever (lmao I still can’t believe they almost didn’t let him back in America. I hope I never get in trouble in Thailand!) and he said that I better go to a National League team now because if I stay in the American League he’ll hit a home run off me. I was like lol “There’s interleague play so you can hit a home run off me anyway!” and he said “Yeah, I guess you’re right, buddy.” I think he is sad we won’t be on the same Team anymore and I know I am too. He’s always going to be like a brother to me and don’t tell him this but sometimes I wish he really was my big brother. He said I can come visit him this winter and meet his wife Pranee (lol I still can’t believe he’s married now!) and hear the rest of his stories about Asia. So I think we are always going to be best buds no matter what.

Well, no matter where I go from here I will always have a special place in my heart for the Minnesota Twins. I’m just a simple guy from Minnesota who dreamed of playing in the Big Leagues and no matter who I play for the Twins will always be my Home Team. And for that reason will always be my Home Page!

See you in the Big Leagues,

Xx_Cole _38_xX
1. What does the WGOM mean to me? I have no idea! I can't even explain the difference between rWAR and fWAR.

2. Whine, whine, whine, grumble, grumble.

3. What? You say that in the time I've spent complaining, I could've actually written the thing itself.

4. Oh, hush.

5. Wait, I just have to check something. Someone might have made a comment in the last ten minutes! Be right back.

6. I guess what I'm trying to say is that some of the most interesting guys I know hang around this basement, and they don't seem to mind me stopping by sometimes. They're witty, literary, goofy, smart, opinionated, and just plain fun. I've learned more about everything from baseball, books, and music to parenting, life, and death in my short time with them.

7. The thing is, back in the day, we didn't try to write a little something about the online communities we were a part of. We took what we had for granted, and we liked it that way.

8. Now, get off my lawn!
"When the world happens on a screen, and "IRL" is an abbreviation the people have a frequent and legitimate use for, it is remarkable to find a real community on line.  But the WGOM is real life.  Real relationships develop.  Citizens actually care about the human being on the other side of the keyboard, not in a generic sense, but in specific and personal ways.  A Citizen's victory in real life is a victory for the other Citizens, in much the same way a person would feel joy when their friends succeed.  A Citizen's sorrow is sorrow for other Citizens too.  We're all in this together, and that tacit acknowledgement fosters meaningful relationships.  Indeed, the WGOM isn't just real life.  It's a model for how real life can be."
"I remember coming to the WGOM in 2006, when the Twins had their incredible regular season run topping the Tigers on the last day of the season.  That year, I discovered all sorts of Twins blogs like Will Young's blog, Batgirl, Aaron Gleeman, and of course WGOM.  WGOM was the hub that held it all together.  Rather than a blog site like the others, it was a collective site of many personalities all coming together to share their love of the Twins.  As a Twins fan living away from the Twins Cities, it was a welcome oasis.  It's more than just a baseball site, it's about the camaraderie of Twins fans coming together to share their lives, loves and grievances.  "
World's Greatest, no doubt
Friends, "family", and Shatner
Well, take good with bad
"I started out as a lurker at the original Stick and Ball Guy site.  At the time I was hungry for Twins blogs following Twins Geek, Gleemon, Nick & Nick,  etc. here in the baseball wasteland known as Husker Country.  My first comment was because Stick was having a drawing for something, I think it was a Twins World Series dvd, and you had to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.  Since then the WGOM has become my little home away from home.  I can be an infrequent commentator at times, some days (weeks) I am just feeling less social, but I am generally always lurking in the background.  The WGOM is one of the first sites I check every morning when I get to work.  Thanks to everyone who makes this place what it is."
"I don't cry very often. But, I cried on the day that I shut down the old site. It was time for me to bow out, but still, ending the site was like a death to me. I am grateful to the fellas that started up this site for keeping the half-bakef goodness going. Thanks! "
"Simple: the WGOM is my third place."
"Being a couple thousand miles from Twins Territory leaves me with few people to talk Twins or other Minnesota sports. The WGOM is my place to hang out daily with people that have a passion for Minnesota sports without taking those sports or themselves too seriously."
"I'm a lifelong drifter (mentally and emotionally, not physically) and I think this place has done more than its fair share in grounding me.  Through my connections here I have found not only meaningful connections, but perhaps even a fulfilling purpose in life.  World's Greatest, indeed.  Thank you, Stick."
"If the WGOM is the neighborhood bar, then I am probably that weird guy that sits in the corner. He’s been coming here forever but nobody really knows his deal, man. The WGOM is the sane corner of the internet for me. A place for (mostly) like-minded (mostly) male interaction that doesn’t involve acting like bros (in the pejorative sense).

Sometimes you just wanna go where everybody knows you screen name."
"I feel like the bastard son who hit the road and never calls. The longer you are away, the harder it seems to come back. I do still stop by everyday, but mostly in lurk-mode. The WGOM is full of some amazing characters with fascinating takes on everything from baseball to music to parenting and everything in between. The highlight of my internet surfing career is representing the "O" in the WGOM banner! How cool is that? Please, please don't ever stop churning out daily content. WGOM will always be my 'go to' website for an escape from the real world. Thanks guys!"

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