Portland at Minnesota. 7pm.

Portland at Minnesota. Battle of the Power Forwards. Kevin Love -v- LaMarcus Aldridge. This should be a fun battle. For a change, Minnesota is the team with a home off day while the visitors are on the back end of a back-to-back. Portland is scorching hot, with a league high 22 wins. The Wolves are coming off a poor loss to Boston and sit at 11-12.

54 thoughts on “Portland at Minnesota. 7pm.”

    1. Did you wake up and the score was 54-49 at the half and now you're not sure what's real and what's a dream?

  1. So I'm once again not able to watch (damn kids), but are we all pretty much on agreement that Pekovic is back in shape and worth the extension?

  2. If we could get the Blazers to go like 2 minutes without scoring, that would probably be enough to win.

        1. I feel like the best story in the league is either the Nets or the Knicks. It's like a schadenfreude overload.

  3. 40 attempts!

    Alan Horton ‏@WolvesRadio
    #blazers shot 14 of 40 from beyond the arc, the 2nd most 3pt attempts in the NBA this season (HOU 41 @ PHI).

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