WGOM Radio – The Dread Pirate and Mags talk soccer

This originally was intended to be a BKaC entry, but DP and I recorded on a Saturday morning while watching soccer, so everytime we tried to get on topic, something happened to drag us back off. Never the less, I think it's an enjoyable podcast. We've always said this is our neighborhood bar, and all this episode is is a recording of two dudes on some virtual barstools.

12 thoughts on “WGOM Radio – The Dread Pirate and Mags talk soccer”

    1. i'll tell you what i (repeatedly) told spoonto: i'm lazy. if you can find a way for me to subscribe on itunes (on your side or mine), it greatly enhances my listening experience. and chance i'll get around to listening.

      anyone know how to pull that off?

            1. Spooky never uploaded those episodes to the WGOM server, so those are on a different feed. I just tried the RSS link above, and I got the episodes from like 2 years ago and the recent CH and DPWY episodes.

  1. So basically the only thing most Americans find less interesting than soccer is hearing two people talk about soccer?

    C'mon, there was Twins talk in there somewhere!

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