Dallas at Minnesota. 7pm.

The last basketball game of the calendar year is a big one. Minnesota (15-15)is looking to make a move in the standings after a up and down 2 months and Dallas (17-13) is right in front of them.

Every time I see Dallas play, I say 'that guy is still in the league?!'. Tonight, I will say that about Wayne Ellington.

This game is the first of a three game home stand for the Wolves, their first of the season. The schedule makers really have not been kind to home locals.

54 thoughts on “Dallas at Minnesota. 7pm.”

  1. Despite the second unit's best efforts to have this game blown wide open, the Wolves are still down only 3.

  2. I just finished my lift. Time to go shower. I expect it to be no more than a 10 point lead when I get done.

    1. So this are improving? I've been working on the dreaded post Christmas clean up while chasing a toddler and haven't been able to check in much.

          1. Yeah, the 'Kevin Love is a stat compiler' line of reasoning is ignorant at best, but more in the 'you shouldnt be watching basketball anymore' camp.

    1. The refs were pretty good until about 4 minutes left in the game. They have no clue whats going on now.

  3. Went to CH to see if anyone has gifed it yet. Good lord, this league...

    Also, to make it worse, I accidentally read maynholup posts. Ugh.

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