January 17, 2014: The Routine

My daughters can do everything in the morning besides walk out the door. They find 15 things to do the second we're ready to go to school. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  1. So I am listening to game 5 of the 1986 ALCS. Two comments:

    1)we lose the top of the 3rd inning to Peter Jennings talking about Cold War negotiations between Reagan and Gorbachev. I feel old.

    2)al michaels slowly describes the concept of OBP and how some people view it as a good stat to look at. I get the feeling michaels believed that but was afraid of making the case too strongly

    1. Specifically, he was trying to defend Marty Barret's statement that Boggs made for a good leadoff hitter despite not being fast.

    1. This in spades...but for me. I can always find something pressing to do, much to my wife's frustration.

      1. My daughter was late for school three days this week. The first day, there was an oversleeping issue, but the next two days, she was at school on time, but not in the classroom. Instead, she was dilly-dallying in the hallway when the 8:00 AM bell went off. Her teacher, who is on some sort of crackdown or something, made her go get a late slip from the office even though she was right at the door when the bell went off.

        I told Miss SBG that she needs to be in class by 8. On Thursday, I took her there and made sure she was in her classroom. I went into the classroom and the teacher did not acknowledge me (she knows who I am). I had to walk all the way across the room to her desk to say that I expected that Miss SBG should be in the classroom by 8 and that if she wasn't, she should contact my wife and me (i.e. I was showing her support). She could not have been more snotty. Wow.

        I didn't tell my daughter this, but it was my impression that she was coming down pretty hard on a six year old.

        1. Spring term of my senior year of high school I had a first-period study hall. Walked in the door Every. Day. as the bell was ringing. The teacher just shook his head at me.

    2. How often is it shoes?
      It's always shoes at our house.
      It's not isolated to those under 4 years.
      It's not isolated to girls.
      It is isolated to minors though.

      1. June 7

        A couple of times on base, only one incident at 2nd. Leadoff walk and successful steal of 2nd.

      2. June 8

        Stole 2nd again. (Bottom 1st)
        Forced out at 2nd (6-3) with bases loaded to end bottom of 7th

      3. Pat Meares is the SS for all three of the incidents, so that isn't any help.

        But June 7th was a night game, so June 8th it is.

        To me, it looks like Meares is backing up a throw-down to 2nd that was high, rather than having just flipped to Knoblauch for an inning ending force.

        1. That matches the kind of play I had in mind, too. The angle didn't look like a throw from third (which Meares wouldn't be backing up anyway), so it seemed that it had to be from first (unlikely), an unassisted (also unlikely position from the second base side), a comebacker to the pitcher, or a throw from the catcher.

        1. Tolbert also didn't play that game. That leaves the 30th since the 29th it was Harris that fielded the CS.

    1. Have any more?

      Also, do you keep track of the results or is this just for Mags (and others, sometimes) to have fun?

  2. Looking through Rhu_Ru's detective work, I came across this thread discussing the rotation in 2013.

    From me:

    I think it's safe to assume that unless his arm falls off, Baker will be back [in 2013].

    Not the arm, but the elbow.

    Pavano and Marquis are likely gone.


    That leaves Liriano as a possibility for returning. He'll be a free agent, but there might not be much demand for him.

    Nailed the "not much demand" (he signed on Feb 8, 2013).

    The prognosticating in the next paragraph was mostly right, except Blackburn thankfully didn't pitch and unfortunately Gibson and Hendriks had to pitch.

    I don't see the situation changing much, so the Twins could have a revolving door of free agent pitchers for several years to come.

    TR proved me wrong there with his pitcher bonanza.


    My favorite part is this from ubes:

    Or maybe they'll pass on a stud college pitcher in favor of a HS player at a premium defensive position and everyone will call them cheapskates.

    That is exactly what they did. Except no one called them cheapskates this time, but Buxton got a bunch of money.

    1. I got Paris. But I did not "get" several of the questions, or didn't see an option that remotely related to me.

        1. What? You couldn't say who your favorite Beyonce was? I especially thought the "Jams" wer not especially diverse.

            1. Love on Top?
              1+1? XO?

              Now I gotta take the quiz just to see what the Beyonce options are.

            2. It's gotta be "Why Don't You Love Me" right?
              Checking now to see what options there are.
              That's a really poor choice of Beyonce options.

              I'm Portland because I like to hike, I guess.

    2. Cape Town. Not that I wouldn't like it there, but I don't think much research went into this particular algorithm.

    1. I think it'll work out. If fans become unruly, all it'll take is one team losing a game by forfeit (like what almost happened to the Twins when their fans were assaulting Knoblauch) and things will calm down.

        1. I was at that game, too.

          Would attempted assault be appropriate? I think someone throwing any object at someone with the intention of harming them is a pretty serious thing,

          1. I don't think it's reasonable to suggest that throwing a hotdog at someone is intended to do them harm. So I don't even think it's attempted.

            It was a good thing that the behavior was stopped, as it could have escalated, and that would have been a problem. But I thought the "pull all the players off the field" response was a bit childish. There were better ways to get the behavior to end.

    2. I like the central review location. I don't like manager challenges. I'm all for it so that all calls can be replayed on the jumbotron.

      1. I'm with RPZ.
        Manager challenges are a PITA in football, feed that sports over-focus on coaching strategy over playing.

    3. Teams will be allowed to station someone in the clubhouse to watch the game on TV, and communicate with the manager on whether to challenge a call. No TVs will be allowed in dugouts.

      I find it interesting that the Twins added a coach to their staff just before this was approved.

      1. I find it interesting that baseball permitted an extra coach staff spot on every team just before this was approved.

  3. In case you needed another reason to boo the stadium deal, this was in the paper of record last month:

    The stadium authority on Friday approved a contract with 309 9th Ave South LLC, an entity associated with the Wilf family (owners of the Vikings), to lease space the Wilfs own across from the Dome for soil storage [they're excavating ~850,000 cu. yds.] for up to $60,000.

    Wilfs, "You'll build us a stadium, and pay us for construction costs...how's that sound?"
    MN, "Umm, okay?"

    1. I'm hoping there's merit in those lawsuits.
      Would be great for the Metrodome to be torn apart but the replacement unable to be built. Maybe it will be built in LA.

      With the Metrodome coming down, where are the state HS Football championships to be held?

  4. Not to steal Padre's thunder, but I'm relieved that they got this done:

    The Minnesota Twins and third baseman Trevor Plouffe have agreed to a $2.35 million, one-year contract that avoided salary arbitration.

    1. I hate to say it, but it looks like they don't like playing together or playing for Adelman.

      I blame Casilla Barea.

          1. I hated his game the first time around. I'm starting to think the Wolves would be better off with Kahn still. Ugh, Flip.

    2. And if they made more than 8 of their 14 free throws (57%!!!!), the score would look quite a bit better.

    1. I've been resisting the "fire Adleman" rhetoric, but why in the flying f**k does Barea keep playing the end game scenarios?

      1. I dont know. Its gaaahhhhh pull my hair out stuff. Id rather see Bazz out there right now.

        1. He missed two wide open three and made about a bazillion bone headed plays in the last 5 minutes. After he'd been out there the entire quarter.

          1. Exactly. I don't give a rat's ass how Rubio is shooting. He's not the one shooting at the end of this game anyway, but he's the one getting the damn ball to those that would be shooting it.

            I really wonder if he's not having any fun this year because Adleman is using him totally wrong and different from how he's used him in the past.

            1. I think this might be an overreacting to his play at the end of the Phoenix game. Rubio made all sorts of plays near the end, there. He was out during the end of the Sacramento game, too, I think.

  5. In Medford overnight, on the way to Salem to visit cousins with my parents. Had a delicious meal at teh Sizzler. My parents are into fine dining.

    If you hear a story about someone spontaneously combustion in a Salem church on Sunday, you guys divide up my stuff. My cousin is a preacher man.

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